Short Hairstyle

Short hairstyle? With all the transformations and variations that make it fashionable, sexy and chic, short hairstyles are always at the top of the list in terms of versatility, style and manageability.

No other style is as impressive as a short hairstyle. And no other style looks as professional, chic and sexy as a short hairstyle.

Compared to the average women\’s hairstyles, the short hairstyles worn by women are a fairly new style trend. In fact, docking style was at the forefront of fashion more than 50 years ago.

Since then, short hairstyles have given women the freedom to express themselves in many ways. From funky and tingling to soft and feminine, any woman can wear short hairstyles, regardless of personality, style or age.

Short hair regardless of age

It has long been believed that older women should wear short hairstyles to look younger. There are some truths to the belief that long hair tends to make wrinkles and scratches more noticeable, but with short hairstyles,


if you choose the right style to emphasize the shape of a particular face or bone. A structure that allows women of all ages to wear both long hairstyles.

When it comes to choosing a short hairstyle for your age, the rule of thumb is to pay more attention to your overall look, rather than focusing too much on how old you are. Example: Fashionable spike styles can accentuate scratches and loose skin, but I\’ve seen women in their 70s wearing these short hairstyles and having good bone structure that looks great .. On the other hand, I also saw a young woman try the same short hairstyle and it didn\’t work. Therefore, if you want to wear a short hairstyle, pay close attention to the shape of your face, the shape and style of your dress before deciding how to cut your hair.

Short Hairstyle

Short hair to flatten your face

I\’ve heard many times that \”I always want short hair, but short hair doesn\’t look good\”, but this is nonsense. Sure, not all women can wear all short hairstyles, but not all women can wear short hairstyles that are tailored to complement beautiful facial shapes and features.

There are five basic face shapes: oval, heart-shaped, circular, square, and triangular. All of these shapes can be beautiful, but ideally they are oval. Regardless of the shape of the face, to get the perfect look, you need to choose the right short hairstyle to make the face look more oval.

To do this, you and your stylist can try different variations of popular short hairstyles to complement your individual features. Example: Even if your face is round, wear your favorite short hairstyle as long as you put your hair slightly forward on your cheeks and lift your bangs a little to give your face an oval-like illusion.

The truth is that short hairstyles aren\’t just for the few who have the perfect proportions. With a proper short hairstyle, you can even sport a trendy sexy crop lock that is sure to turn some heads.

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