About Us


When we got our (IP)address, the first thing we did was to put logic, reason,  sense and tears shed from emotionality, into a blender to make a smoothie out of it.  Then, we got rid of it by offering the smoothie to our neighbours at the housewarming party! We never took ourselves seriously, and we would suggest that you don’t take us seriously either.

What we reserved for ourselves were all the quirkiness that is available on the internet, a love for sheer fun, appropriate (and inappropriate) sense of humour and the intention to boggle minds with our nonsensical yet hilarious posts.

We Specialise in the Following Subject Matters;-

  • Articles that would make you go LMAO
  • Droll ‘What if’ stories
  • Relatable GIFs that are too relatable to be real
  • Hilarious memes that might make you want to beat us up (we still adore you!)
  • Random side-Splitting posts

The Funniest Post is all about fun. It will blow your mind with its contents and make you roll on the floor with laughter. We are the sworn enemy of grimness,  as it makes the pretty faces of people look ugly. We spread joy, mirth, and laughter that will constantly feed that fun-bug within you.


Get on our wagon to keep Laughing!!