Dealertrack Dealer Management System is one of the good examples of what innovative new software can do to the vehicle and automotive industry. It improves the efficiency of companies, dealerships, and other forms of businesses.

In the recent past, many technologies and software have been developed with the aim of making business lucrative in the transport and other industries that use automotive technology. These innovations keep the business going, they keep it on its feet and propels it to a new level.

To keep the business afloat, changes have had to be made, not just to the production company but also to the product as automotive machines went from fully mechanical to electrical. The following are the changes that have seen the automotive industry catch up with the rest of the world technologically, albeit slowly:


Electric trains and cars

Unlike software such as Dealertrack DMS, some software was designed to improve the product rather than the management part of the company. The design of electrical trains and cars has revolutionized transport modes the world over.


The electric cars are operated by use of battery charge and a computer deck to monitor security and engine performance; on the train, the principle is the same, the train derives power from the electric lines and it is operated using software that ensures and monitors the movement of the train, opening of hydraulic doors and the like.

Analog to digital controls

The most astonishing of this software is the gearshift button that comes from a foot pedal to a button on the steering wheel on most concept vehicles. Some manufacturers have already produced cars with such controls and they have been working perfectly showing that the software works.

The software is a revolution from the manual gearshifts that required the car to have a clutch and levers to help shift the gears and increase or decrease engine speed; cars today are smart enough to judge what gear the engine needs to work perfectly to shift to it.

However, for this software, the driver has explicit control over the number of gear he wants to drive in unlike in automatic cars where the car selects the ear number as long as it is set on drive.

In the production of vehicles, parts were moved from one point to another using analog pulleys controlled by human beings. Today, they are pre-fed with the information on where to take the part, the distance and height being the variables used.

This has tremendously improved production by increasing it and optimizing the resources available.

From paperwork to desk tops

Software such as Dealertrack DMShas assisted in the streamlining of financial, procurement and discharging of office duties, which makes the process of management effective and easy. It has reduced paperwork, improved in back up, and filing.



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