How To Find The Right Keywords To Rank #1 On Google

It can be a daunting task to come up with the right keywords for your website or articles. The complexity can be compounded further by the fact that whatever keywords you could have chosen could have never been searched through popular search engines like Google.

The choice of the right keywords and weaving the same well in a captivating and well-written write-up could make your article rank high in the search engines as far as such a phrase is concerned.

The task of finding the right keyword requires someone who is well versed with it, who could be a firm’s internal expert or you could outsource. If you have to go for outsourcing, do not be so stressed but just check this content for all your needs, and your issues will be well taken care of.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to choose the right keyword that will make your article rank at the top of the search engine result page.


Right Keywords To Rank #1 On Google

Consider the article

You should be in a position to identify the main topic, not widely but specifically. You need to point out the main benefit of the article to the reader, and the question(s) that it seeks to answer.

Brainstorm your keywords

Prior to going to the keyword research tool, you need to establish the phrase that you would use if you were to search for an article on the topic. Write down several phrases of varying length, but they should not be less than two words.

Carry out your keyword research

There are several tools available to do the research-some of which are free and others are paid for. One tool that can be used at this step is Google keyword planner, a tool from the leading search engine. You need to open the free Google tool and input the best phrase from your brainstorm list in the provided “word or phrase” box.

Analyze the results

The phrase that you searched for will be at the top of the outcome list and other related phrases below it. On the right side of the phrases, there are figures that show the search volume and patterns in different ways and there are also a few options to sort and tailor the information.

After thorough research using the keyword tool, you can explore the customization tool. Pay more attention to the column showing Global Monthly Searches. Write down the search volume numbers of the keyword phrases you had earlier looked for and other related phrases that are in line with the article.

Keep off phrases that are not normal language since they will be difficult to include in the headline and in the write-up. If need be, repeat steps 3 and 4 several times until you get good phrases. At times, you may find some excellent keywords right away.

Do not get confused by phrases with big numbers

You should avoid going for short and broad phrases whose number of searches are the highest. The chances of being placed top of the search engine result page are higher while working with more definite phrases whose search activity is less.

It would be of more value to rank on page one with a phrase that gets a thousand views than to rank on like page 20 with another that gets several thousand views. The main idea is to get the phrase that best represents the idea of the article and using the numbers, you choose the best option of all.

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