What if the animals were in our place?

These drawings, drawn by several caricaturists, are avenging that animals have suffered for years.

Even if we wait for the day to come and to return, these seem to continue to remain as adornments of the imagination of thoughtful people for now.

We think that the caricatures you will see soon will make you laugh as well as raise awareness.

We have been amazed by the work of these talented cartoonists, who we hope will strengthen your empathy to some extent.

Let us leave you with these sensitive works!

What if there were animals in our place?

We think you should add a new dimension to your dreams of drinking wine on a bear\’s coat.

For those who have a passion for crocodile skin…

When you think about it, it doesn\’t make sense to expect animals to entertain us, does it?

It made him laugh as much as he upset…


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