Have you ever wondered what all things from your childhood days do you miss? Of course, you don\’t miss wearing formals every day, going to the office and working even if you don\’t like to. We have all been there.

Sometimes I sit in my cubicle thinking about all the things that would just go away if I can become a child again.

But that\’s not what we are talking about today. We are talking about the foodstuff which we consumed as children and which have now become unavailable. Like really, don\’t you think you will be eyed with suspicion if you are seen taking the subway with a gator gun sticking out of your tongue?

Of course, it would be weird. But hey, weird is the way of life!!! We do a lot of weird things as adults but no one bats an eye but they will roll their eyeballs if you have something, say juvenile.

While having a gator candy is still okay, what would happen if you are still fixated to suck on your thumb?!

Shocking right!! A well suited corporate honcho sucking on to his thumb on the way to the office!! Now, that\’s classic weird!

However, back in the 90s, you would have turned fewer heads with your oral fixation because that was the era of cute and funny thumb sucker candies.

Thumb Sucker Candies

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Now as a child we all had the habit of sucking our Thumbelina. But while this habit was cute when you were a kid, people will advise you to see a shrink if you continue doing that thing now!!

But hey hey!! You have thumb sucker candies for that! I don\’t know why someone came up with these but it literally translated to sucking on a thumb made out of candies and jelly. That is both weird and funny!

If you remember this funny innovation, it was red sucker shaped like a thumb and was layered by another slippery thumb that was edible.

The thumb sucker had a white plastic straw jammed in it from behind to keep the syrupy fluids from running to your hands.

The best part was that you could stick the plastic thumb into your own thumb after licking off the candy.

Now, why would one invent that?! As if your own thumb is not enough for you to suck on! To add to the woes these were only thumbs.

By the time you would end up having a few of these candies, you would be left with quite a few thumbs. Ewww. As an adult, with so many thumbs in the pocket, you might land yourself in the FBI building.

So, see these candies from a distance. Wrong idea to have them on the way to work. That\’s all. Now you can go back to whatever you were doing


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