Remember those comic strips where the hero had real x-ray glasses? Wow man! Wouldn\’t it be super cool if we had access to real x-ray glasses?

Inspired by those comics, I tried creating real x-ray glasses. I used plastic frames, pasted cardboard on them, and made holes for my eyes.

Is it needless to say that those never worked? Well, basically see-through glasses are fun for all men. You know what I mean.

Oh C\’mon! Are you saying that you didn\’t want x-ray vision to see through the clothes of women?!?!

Hell right, you wanted it!

But we never could get x-ray real glasses and that left us disappointed.

Until now…..

X-Ray Glasses

Oh yes, babies, see-through glasses are a real thing now!

You cannot see through a safe using these, true, but you can do other cool stuff! Like, see through a huge variety of swimsuits!

So, if you are asking \”Do x-ray glasses really work\”? 

Then the answer is yes!! 

These new X-ray glasses make use of infrared viewing technology. This tech allows them to see through a certain material. 

These include swimsuits and other synthetic material. 

These glasses are much better than ultraviolet based glasses. 

The best part is that these x-ray vision glasses work absolutely fine indoors and in low light.

Want something better?

These glasses come with a portable palm-sized video recorder! Beat that!

How does the camera fit in your glasses you ask? There are thin wires attached to the glasses. You can also go for the wireless version too.

Do you know what that means? You now can have a memoir of your peeping adventure at 470 lines of resolution you creep!

I am confused about whether to think of it as cool or creepy seriously. 

For those who were waiting for see-through clothes glasses for sale, its a treat for you all since these babies come in with a battery life of 5 long hours. 

X-Ray Glasses

Happy swimsuit shooting!

But there is some sad news though. Not every country is fond of these optics. I mean these are not allowed everywhere.

So before you go out to buy these funny but creepy inventions, make sure it won\’t land you up behind bars. 

So how much would these x-ray glasses cost anyway? 

Okay, hold your heart!

These glasses come for $2400! Plus the wireless version costs $400 extra.

So you can rule the kids out of it. They wouldn\’t have that kind of money to buy these. 

But if we can keep the perv bell off for some time, we can actually look into the practical application of these glasses. 

These babies can be used for surveillance. You know, pretty much like the DVR glasses. 

But you know, most people will be using it to ogle through swimsuits. So for such people, you can buy these off from Advanced Intelligence for $2400. So go knock yourself out!

But if $2400 punches a big hole in your pocket, maybe you can try the cheaper spy goggles. I am, after all, you will be using them for swimsuit ogling anyway!

You can also go old school and use a small pocket mirror to look at models or maybe a skillfully hidden spy cam. 

All is cool you know. 

Fun Fact: Back in 2015, Google had announced the launch of its x-ray goggles…as their prank from the 1st of April. 

So please do not go searching their site for the product. IT WAS A JOKE!


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