How to write a funny essay

Writing essays requires you to organize your ideas into paragraphs and follow the structure. It might seem difficult to inject humor into such formal things as essays, especially if it is your first time. Although it is ridiculous that some people believe that humor is inherent, My Homework Done believes that anyone can write humorous pieces if they recognize the humor in other episodes of writing. If you have the confidence to think up a funny and interesting approach to a subject, then you might consider writing a humor essay.


1. Be the joke

Personal anecdotes are a great way to have fun with something, without offending your audience. Most people will be open to laughing with you or your associates in most cases. You can include spouses, parents, children, and pets in your jokes.

2. Be specific

While it is fun to make fun of general ideas, being specific is better. Comedic timing is a good idea. What it is, you may ask?

Comedy timing is as simple as using a funny word at the end of a sentence. You can, for example, pause abruptly just before the punchline by starting a new paragraph. If you are using storytelling as the context, the reader can be guided through the idea above. This surprise can redirect the reader in a humorous way.

3. Use a thesaurus

The pronunciation and spelling of a word can make it more fun. It is easy to recognize such words, and you will instantly laugh whenever you see them. “A hand”, for example, sounds very ordinary but “metacarpus”is quite more interesting. But don’t lose sense here!

4. Use a swipe file

One of the most powerful tools writers have is to swipe files around in their minds. A swipe file is a collection of goods that you don\’t think about. This is helpful when you want to introduce new comic events.

5. Check your essay

It is difficult to come up with a funny essay. The first draft will be full of interesting information. However, you can improve it by using the guide.

  • To eliminate the possibility of very bad wording, it’s good to read your essay aloud and to correct it.
  • Once you\’re satisfied with your essay, ask a friend to read it aloud to you. As an audience, you should focus your attention on the humor section of the essay. Nice if your friend laughs at what he or she is reading!
  • Check for typos and other spelling mistakes. Your essay should be funny, but not in an unliterary way.


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