Heal Leaky Gut with Robert Scott Bell and Me!

Why does heal leaky gut seem to sound so vulgar? The gut isn’t a pretty word but it sure has more fire to it than intestines doesn’t it? Imagine me saying heal your intestines…I don’t think that would have gotten much attention.

‘Gut’ just jumps right out at you and pulls you by the hand. Gut, gut, Gut…it’s like getting to use profanity with getting “bleeped.” icon smile Heal Leaky Gut with Robert Scott Bell and Me!

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of seeing Robert Scott Bell speak at BM Organics located in Fort Lauderdale. I knew a little about Robert Scott Bell from his affiliation with NaturalNews.Com. What I didn’t know was he lived right here in South Florida!

I don’t know why but when you come across people on the web it seems surreal that they can often be located right in your backyard. That’s been the case for me with both Robert Scott Bell and Rich Schefren who are both gurus in every sense of the word.

Bell is a health guru and Schefren is an internet guru. I’m not only interested in health, but I also love the internet too!

Uh oh, I got sidetracked there for a minute…that’s what being star struck might do. And yes, these guys are stars in my eyes because they make a living doing two things I’m passionate about…health and the internet.

Enough of that. Robert Scott Bell is a homeopathic physician and an expert in silver therapeutics. We’ll get to the “silver” part in a few…just hang on!

Before I jump into the “meat” of the post, let’s get something established. The reason why our “guts” are so important to us is that 80% of our immune system is located in the digestive system (gut).

The immune system is our body’s defense from disease, germs etc.. If your gut is compromised then it can mean big trouble.

Are you or do you know someone who’s always sick?

Chances are their immune system has been compromised and you (they) may have a gut problem. So how do we get these gut issues?

According to Mr. Bell the gut becomes compromised by the following:

Additives (Food)
Preservatives (Food)
Colorings (Food)

Mercury (fillings in teeth are the biggest offenders)
BPA (located in plastics, aluminum cans, and sales receipts of all things)
GMO (Genetically Modified) “foods”

How many of us are eating foods that contain many if not all of these on a daily basis? I was able to avoid many of these by going organic.

I also invested in having all my silver fillings removed about 3 years ago.

I don’t think the dentist extracted them the right way. That’s a story in itself and maybe I’ll blog about it later, who knows.

Vaccines! I don’t know anyone my age, older or younger who wasn’t vaccinated…we had to do it to go to school, right.

Bell is a very outspoken critic of vaccinations. He expressed it many times during his lecture.

If you think I come across strong on Facebook and my blog with my message, I’m Peter Pan compared to this guy! He’s passionate about what he’s doing and according to him, he’s “spreading the good healing word.”

I think he and I can both agree when it comes to health people can’t afford to be tickled under the feet anymore, you gotta bring out the sledgehammer and whack them over the head. Wakeeee up!!!

Now, what does it all mean? If you continue to expose your body to the above toxins, your gut will be damaged and immune deficiency disease will most likely occur.

That’s a fancy way of saying your immune system won’t be worth squat. Any germs you come into contact with would have the potential to end your life.

That’s how serious this is but not much thought is given to it.

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The good thing is…it’s simple to repair your gut.

I’m very grateful that Bell introduced a protocol for healing the gut involving Silver Hydrosol and Aloe Vera. I’ve done the protocol myself to repair my own gut.

My gut became compromised through years of eating bread and other gluten-containing products. I had no idea I was sensitive to gluten back then but I did feel the symptoms of a bad gut including bloating, gas, and brain fog.

Upon doing the heal leaky gut protocol the first time, I immediately noticed my stomach became flatter and I got rid of the bloating and gas. I’ll be back soon to do a more in-depth post on Silver Hydrosol and Aloe Vera including recommending brands. Same ones I used.

Thanks to Robert Scott Bell for sharing his information and the good healing word! If you get a chance listen to one of Robert Scott Bell’s, radio shows…It’s powerful stuff!

You can also go to BM Organics…every 1st Saturday of the month they have Weston A Price Chapter Meetings.

WAP can teach you how to eat to live. I highly recommend it!!!!

Disclaimer: The preceding post is for informational purposes only. Consult a doctor before taking any medical advice.


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