Working Remotely

If you have been considering making a change in your life and are thinking about creating your own online business, you may want to know what the benefits are of working remotely.

When I first started working remotely I actually took a cut in pay. I was moving from an hourly position that I had been at for five years and was earning about $28.00 an hour.

In order to work for this position I had to commute about an hour and a half each way, and I had to put my daughter in before and after school care, after she had moved from daycare and into school.

So, although the salary I was offered in the remote position that I took before starting my own business was less than what I was making working in the office, I had to consider the benefits and some things I would be saving on.

No longer would I be commuting nearly three hours a day. And I would, therefore, be saving on fuel, and I could lower my insurance to pleasure use only. I was able to take my daughter to school and pick her up at the end of the day, eliminating before and after school care.

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Those things alone were about $800 in savings – a month! Nearly $10,000 a year! That was nowhere near the pay cut I took. In the end, I actually came ahead financially.

My stress level was greatly reduced. I was not sitting in traffic for three hours a day and stressing about getting to my job on time or being back in time to pick up my daughter.

I no longer worried about being able to take time off when my daughter was ill, which is rare, but I still knew I could be there for her in the event she needed to stay home from school.

I no longer had to worry about summer holidays, Christmas holidays, and spring break when the daycare was closed. I simply kept my daughter home with me.

I was able to spend time with my daughter after she came home from school. We could go to the park, we could sit and enjoy dinner together, and we were not always in a rush. All of this equaled more work/life balance.

Now that I have my own business, I have even more control over these things and I can choose who I work for now too. I can choose to work with clients I enjoy, and I can do the work I love and am passionate about.

The “Sunday night dread” is a thing of the past, and I can wake up excited to get to my desk, wherever that may that day, and work on the client work I enjoy.

If I want to take a day off, I can. I can choose what I charge clients for the work I do, and therefore have much more control over my income. I don’t have to ask for permission to take a vacation.

Are you thinking about a change? Are you afraid to walk away from the 9-5 and into “the unknown”?

I can understand as there is always a fear of the unknown, but wouldn’t rather take that chance for happiness now instead of looking back 10 years from now and wishing you had done it sooner?

I offer a course to help you iron out all the details of getting your online business established. And not only that, I am here for you. Whether it is in the Facebook group, or in the coaching sessions I will be offering soon.

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