5 Tools Every Successful WordPress Blogger Should Be Using

From mommy bloggers to corporate accounts, it seems everyone is using blogging as a way to get their message out. WordPress, one of the most popular platform options for bloggers, can be especially effective if it’s used to its full potential. Using separate applications for certain tasks is essential in order to stay productive and on top of the game. With that in mind, we’ve gathered five tools essential to getting the most out of your WordPress blog.

Add This

You’ve got amazing content, now it’s time to get the word out. As you know social media is an incredibly powerful tool and the social sharing button is one of the most effective ways to bring traffic to your site. We like using AddThis because it does more than just drop a share button on your home page. Their programs not only help spread your content and drive social traffic, they also provide insight into your audience and their activities. AddThis offers over 300 share options to choose from and with their real time analytics you can track how the social sites are trending and decide which buttons are right for your site.

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Thanks to the exponential growth of the blogosphere, it’s likely you are working with more than one WordPress site. If this is the case, we don’t have to tell you what a hassle it is to keep everything organized and streamlined. With ManageWP, you no longer need to log into each of your WordPress sites individually. The program gives you quick access all of your dashboards from one central location. You can also monitor and install plugins and themes across all of your sites with just the click of a button. Another convenient feature is the ManageWP clone tool. It allows instant cloning of any of your existing WordPress sites from one domain, sub-domain, or folder to another.

Total Feedback

What is the user experience when visiting your blog? Even if you follow traditional analytics closely, you aren’t getting the entire story. Total Feedback is a great tool for gathering and tracking feedback from visitors to your site. With it, you can manage multiple polls, view poll analytics and text responses and control the exact timing of polling your visitors. Asking your visitors questions allows you get access to valuable data that you can use to increase conversions.


After all the time and effort you’ve put into creating a successful blog, why would you risk losing all your hard work? Backing up your site should be a top priority. VaultPress provides realtime, continuous backup and synchronization of every post, comment, media file, revision and dash­board setting across at least two separate cloud services.

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Security Ninja

Having a secure WordPress site should be a concern for bloggers, but surprisingly it is often given little thought. From script kiddies to brute-force attacks, it’s important that you take preventive measures against online threats. Security Ninja checks your site for security vulnerabilities and holes and uses code snippets for quick fixes.


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