Zigarren: Kaufen Sie Zigarren in unserer Online-Shopping Mall

Nicht nur Zigaretten, sondern auch Zigarren werden in unserer Online-Shopping Mall angeboten. Viele Menschen nehmen Zigarren als Geschenk oder für ihr eigenes Vergnügen mit ins Ausland. Wenn Sie Zigarren kaufen möchten, besuchen Sie bitte unsere Shops!

Zigars: Buy cigars online

This blog post is about Zigars. Not only cigarettes, but also cigars can be bought on our online shopping mall. Many people take cigars as a gift or for their own pleasure when they travel abroad. If you want to buy cigar, please visit the shops!

What are cigars? Cigars are a type of tobacco product made from cured and fermented leaves that originated in the Caribbean region. They were first mentioned in print in 1826, when an English traveler described them as being served with coffee at breakfast on his visit to Cuba.

The word cigar comes from Spanish cigarrillo, which means \”little smoke.\” It refers both to the act of smoking and to what is smoked—a small roll or tube called a cigarillo filled with pure leaf tobacco for milder flavor. Other parts of speech might refer only to one sense: A person can be someone who smokes cigars but not cigarettes; he may even have just quit smoking because it\’s bad for him, yet still enjoy some occasional stogies.

The cigar industry has been around for hundreds of years and is now one of the largest manufacturers in the world. In 2009, there were six billion cigars exported worldwide.

In 2003, a federal judge ruled that cigarette labeling cannot differentiate between \”smokers\” and those who enjoy \”rolling their own.\” This means that cigarettes must be marketed to all consumers—including pipe smokers, cigar aficionados with expensive humidors full of Cuban tobacco, or even people who might never have smoked at all but are just looking for something new to try out once in awhile. Cigars need not come from Cuba either: Nicaraguan cigars abound …

Smokeless Cigars

Cigar prices online range from $0.95 to $30, with an average of around $20.

Das cigar industry gibt es seit Hunderten von Jahren und ist jetzt einer der größten Hersteller in der Welt geworden. 2009 waren davon weltweit zwei Milliarden Zigarren exportiert worden. 2003 hatte beispielhaft ein Bundesrichter festgestellt, daß die Zigaretten mit Abstand sich nicht unterscheiden lassen müssen und Zigarren, dass die Verbraucher nicht zwischen den Produkten unterscheiden können.

So the world\’s cigar industry is currently one of the largest manufacturers in the world with over two billion cigars exported in 2009 alone. In 2003 a federal judge ruled that cigarettes and cigars cannot be distinguished from each other by consumers and consequently should not need to comply with different labeling requirements.

Andererseits gibt es einige Staaten die Zigarren nicht so rigoros regulieren wollen und auch in der Europäischen Union verschiedene Vorstellungen über das Verbot des Rauchens von Tabakwaren bestehen. So ist etwa Spanien für den Genuss von Zigarren offen, Deutschland hat hier aber noch keinen Konsens hergestellt. Außerdem existiert immer noch Gefahr, dass Zigarren über das Rauchen von Tabak zum Passivrauchen führen können.

And on the other hand there are some states that don\’t want to regulate cigars quite as strictly and in the European Union different ideas about banning smoking of tobacco products exist. So Spain is open for enjoying cigars, but Germany hasn\’t come to a consensus yet. Furthermore cigar smoke can lead through passive smoking to health risks such as cancer and cardiovascular disease or strokes.


Zigars are a part of everyday life for many people. If you enjoy cigars as well, then you should check out our cigar shops online. We have everything from the latest in Cuban tobacco to high-end Nicaraguan sticks that will satisfy any smoker\’s preference or budget. Browse our selection and find your perfect smoke today!


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