What Type Of Traffic Loved By Adsense?

As we know Google Search Loves Unique Contents and Adsense Loves Organic Traffic.  And here is a very close relationship between both, The Content and The Traffic both are interrelated to each other.

This is not a new topic to discuss but the motive behind this post is to make clear some myths about Google Adsense Program. Some People think Adsense will only pay you good revenues when you have a huge amount of traffic. But this is not so perfect fact about it.


I know many bloggers who don’t have huge traffic but are making good revenues by Adsense. In Fact, if you have only a few hundred of traffic even then you can earn $5 to $ 15 every day, the only thing you need is just to focus on few basic things mentioned below.

Do Keyword Research – Find the most appropriate keywords for your blog and that should also match with your blog content’s category. For Example, your blog is about fashion and you are focusing on keywords related to a Cellphone no doubt your CTR rates will below.  Google Analytics will be a great tool for doing Keyword Research.

Find What your Readers Want: This is a great way to find new topics for your upcoming posts. I have noticed that sometimes Google also sends nonrelevant searches to your blog, this is all because Google has indexed your blog’s pages for nonrelevant keywords. but you can take advantage of this by creating new posts about the same topic and focusing on those keywords.

Traffic Loved By Adsense

Organic Traffic: This is the thing Adsense and all other Ad Networks love most. If your blog has organic Traffic the CPC rate will be higher and also CTR will be increased than will be in resulting in more revenues from Adsense.

The biggest source of Organic Traffic is Google Search Engine. And for getting more and more organic traffic you must focus on your Blog’s Contents.

Blog Daily: Google and Other Search Engines index your blog pages daily. So you should create some new posts on daily basis. This will surely increase your Page Rank and SERP over Google and other Search Engine.

It means not that only creating new posts daily will turn more traffic towards your blog but it will definitely increase your blog traffic. 2 Posts daily will be a good start.

Do Focus on Traffic Region:  This will be another great step in the way of increasing Traffic and your Adsense Earnings together. No doubt the US and UK-based Traffic always pays more as compared to Asia-based Traffic sometimes this difference maybe $2 to $10 per click.

In short, Adsense Loves Organic Traffic and it comes from Search Engines it means that you should create contents that would be kissed by Search Engines. And this will turn your blog’s life.

Do not play any Black Hat Tricks for getting traffic that will be not beneficial for you ever. Be loyal create genuine posts and lure search Engines to Send a Massive amount of traffic to your blog and then enjoy the Adsense Revenues.

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