Five easy ways to get an attentive audience

Do you wish to better your speaking skills? Some may have the timidness like Napoleon Dynamite when speaking while others will portray the confidence similar to Wall Street’s wolf. Regular practicing our skills in speaking makes us better.

Despite being a good speaker, you will need to attract an audience because it would be pointless to have a good speech and nobody to listen to it. It takes us to the next phase: how do you create traffic to reach an audience? Professional speakers, political figures, religious leaders, among others, often have a multitude of audiences for their speeches, advice, and sermons.

They all started from somewhere and followed some path to get to where they are now. If you wish to be like them, you can follow these ways. You can also get more content concerning this topic on high school essay writing.

Polish your skills to let others listen to you.

One of the most unusual things when talking to anybody is your body language. The way you carry yourself in a conversation tells much about you than you may know. For example, putting on a confident stunt will also make your audience believe you are confident about yourself and your words even if the contrary applies.

After a while, your physical energy will coincide with the words you say and your attitude. To achieve a sense of authority, you need to hold your head high, walk with a certain degree of swagger, and stand up straight when talking. Manipulate your listeners through confidence and body language. 

Cool. Calm. Collected.

Everyone’s first speech has the most probability of going south. One may find themselves crumbling to pressure and start babbling out words, a thin sweat forming on their temples, and a shaky voice in the least. How can you avoid all these mishaps in the future? The key is to practice being cool, collected, and calm.

It may not be easy, but relaxing helps you beat anxiety and pressure before addressing a big crowd. Start by gently and slowly breathing in and out in a regular pattern, take your time to stay focused and compose yourself. Avoid distractions and ease your mind. Take charge of the moment, and do not let anything scare you or make you feel uncomfortable. You can also consider meditating for sometime before giving a speech.

Five easy ways to get an attentive audience

Use a friendly and engaging tone.

Similar to when you are having a conversation with your pals, you should employ the same technique when addressing new people. Creating a friendly conversation environment means just being yourself. Doing so makes a conversation appear genuine, and you don’t try too hard to please your listener.

Your audience will also feel comfortable talking to you, and chances are they will open up even more and faster because of the environment you create. Making people feel like you’ve known each other for a long time gives them a sense of caring and belonging.

This personal feeling is effective when creating a good aura, and most people love to feel involved. Similarly, this is not only effective for your listeners but also to yourself. You will get to feel more relaxed, and from there on the conversation, you will have will naturally flow smoothly. 

Be short and concise.

When you talk to people, you will want to keep whatever you are saying short and precise. Please do not give your listeners a lecture as it will bore them out and lose interest in whatever you’re saying. Edit your words and point out the significant points only as clearly as possible. When you create vacuums in your narration, your audience will want to listen to more of what you have to say. 

Develop excellent listening skills.

Communication is two-way traffic. It is only fair if you listen to what they have to say back when you are having a conversation with another person. Engage your audience by posing questions occasionally and giving you feedback on your conversation’s different topics. If you are a good listener, the participant(s) will also give you a chance to air out your views or argument. 


Attracting and maintaining an audience demands that you put in your effort and practice. Everything has a starting point: the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. All the best. 


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