CBD Oil for Horses – Ensuring Safety and Product Quality

When the subject is about items ingested into the body, no loose end should be allowed. 

Users, manufacturers, administrative oversight bodies, and other stakeholders should be on the alert. All safety and quality control standards should be observed to the letter.

Even when its pets that are involved, there should be no exceptions to this rule. As a horse owner, you have the final say over drugs and meals that would be consumed by your animal. As a result, you should ensure that they are up to standard, not falling short in terms of quality.

In light of this, what should you look out for before purchasing CBD oil for your horses?

CBD Oil for Horses – Safety and Effectiveness?

As earlier stated in passing, there are drug regulatory bodies in various locations. In our clime, the FDA is actively charged with this responsibility.

They ensure that all safety and quality standards are upheld by drug manufacturers. Under the right circumstance, they have the power to stop the sale of any medicinal product.

On this note, the sale, purchase, and use of CBD for humans and pets is not banned by the FDA. However, this regulatory body has termed these products as experimental drugs. For more information on the definition of experimental drugs, you can visit: https://www.cancer.gov/publications/dictionaries/cancer-terms/def/experimental-drug

This does not undermine the potency of these drugs. However, it shows that there are on-going studies regarding the role of this drug, with many claims being inconclusive.

As a result of this, should you consider using CBD oil for your horse?

If you see the need to administer CBD oil to your stallion or mare, you should not refuse to. This is because of the positive results that have been experienced by lots of users.

These products have concentrations that can help your pet a lot. For instance, omega fatty acid is part of the constituents of this product. This nutrient is key in helping your horse have the right skin, among other benefits.

Although there are ongoing studies on the effects of these drugs on your horse, the reviews say a lot.

As a horse owner, one major concern is safety. You do not want a drug that would trigger life-threatening side effects.

On that note and from the experiences of lots of user, you can tell that there would be no serious complications. This is one of the high points of using CBD oil for horses.

As compared to potent drugs such as phenobarbital, the use of CBD presents little or no side effects. In the worst-case scenario, side effects do not exceed drowsiness, diarrhea, fatigue, and dizziness.

To resolve these side effects, all you need to do is reduce the amount of the drug administered to your horse. With this, things will be the way they should.

CBD Oil for Horses – Getting Top-Quality Products

CBD Oil for Horses – Ensuring Safety and Product Quality

From experience, the effectiveness of CBD oil for horses is not up for question. The positive reviews by lots of horse owners say more than is needed for convincing.

However, the quality and effectiveness of these products are usually down to the brand. This is especially so considering the increasing amount of CBD oil manufacturers available today.

To get the best products, there are qualities to look out for. As clearly as possible, let us go over some of these qualities.

An Organic Product

There is so much talk about eco-friendly products. The best way to go about this is by using natural and organic items.

This should be taken more seriously especially when the subject is food items and drugs. If you see the need to administer this product on your horse, stay away from synthetic products.

Your product of choice should have limited ingredients. Ensuring that this rule is not violated, the next point comes to play.

A Detailed Label

Frankly, the product label says a lot about the properties and quality of the drug. You should ensure that the label reviews all relevant information on the product’s concentration.

For instance, check for the level of THC content, if it is used at all. Make sure it does not exceed the 0.3% legal limit.

Brand Packaging

Bad products can indeed come in good packages and vice versa. However, there is more to the role of packaging when CBD oil is involved. How is that?

These products can loose or have their potency reduced when exposed to the wrong environment. Generally, they do not fare well in a hot and humid environments.

As a result, the packaging should be very protective, shielding the drug from elements that can reduce its potency. After purchase, you should also not expose the drug to the wrong environment.

Product’s Source – The Ideal Plant and Extraction Process

CBD is an easier way to identify the chemical compound known as cannabidiol. It is one of the major chemical properties found in the cannabis plant. The oil is extracted from parts of the plant, most often the flower.

To have the right drug, the plant must be ideal. For instance, it should be raised without the use of pesticides. Also, the extraction process should not violate safety standards. For more on how CBD oil is extracted, you can check here.

Considering that getting all the above information may be difficult, you might want to stick with a product made in the US. This way, you can at least find it easier to reach the manufacturer should you have any questions.


Other than via oil, cannabidiol can also be administered on your horse in various otherways. For instance, there is the option of topicals: shampoos, body lotions; powder, among others.

However, for animals at large, the use of oil is one of the best alternatives. This is because it offers greater ease of use as well as bioavailability. The potency of the oil is more effective when it is in the water-soluble form.

Hopefully, this article has provided enough information to help you make a decision on whether or not to afford your horse the benefits that cannabidiol offers.


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