How To Tell A Guy You\’re On Your Period In A Funny Way:

Imagine you are on date and suddenly, its time for wrapping up our happy hours and starting visiting hours to our favorites place, Waasshhroom! Wondering why!  Because its time for Period!  And this time, telling your guy that you are on periods is even worse in these mood swings. And with  that thought, sometimes I think, why not make this task even funnier  and get rid of that embarrassing situation.

So I wonder, why ‘blood’, can’t be  named as fairy dust or magic wand!  Afterall, it is a part of nature, why it sounds like a taboo to some! Especially, when the situation is to tell your boyfriend that you are on periods?   

Well, we are grown-ups, gone are the days when women kept their days of menstrual cycle a secret and its ages since women have come out of the shell and are positive and bold enough to tell anyone that they are on their period.

But, does that mean, it\’s easy to tell your husband and boyfriend that you are on period? Nah! It is still a bitter truth that another level of fear and awkwardness begins when we are getting ready for a date, and hey, your periods are here to come along too!

But wait, you are still getting ready. So, there is a scope to cancel the date. Isn’t it?

And with that thought, a real trip of clumsiness begins to actually answer the question of how to tell you are on period. And at the same time, suddenly, we seek too much pampering from our boyfriend because mood swings make it all set to go. So, the real deal is that when mood swings and cramps are already making us dramatic, why not bring in some fun.

How To Tell A Guy You’re On Your Period In A Funny Way man that you are on period

You know, we are blessed in all the ways, speaking or communicating through words is an art and women are really good at this. And also talking about the pain or the mood swing in an interesting and funny manner not only conveys the message intended to be conveyed but also boosts up the low mindset and helps in healthy outcomes.

So, let us get started with some of the interesting ways a woman can convey to her man or her boyfriend that she is on her period.

So here is a technique that will not only give an idea to your boyfriend of you being extremely emotional but you will also be able to find out how well he understands a woman. Aha, interesting, isn’t it? The trick is, a simple smile with phrases like Aunt Flo, on my days, today is ‘THE DAY’ should be helpful to convey your boyfriend that hey today is a drama day!

But if he still gives a reaction with a big question mark on his face, well, seems you will really need think about more funny ways of conveying that you are on period so it won’t be an embarrassment for both

So, let move on to another trick!

Here is the tip to your heart: make good use of the profession or hobbies of your man, because that’s when they understand well because until now it is clear that understanding a woman is still a challenge for them, just being witty!

funny code to tell your girls’ gang that you are on period

If your man is a person who is interested in sports and games, the funny names for period use to tell him that

  • “for a week you got to play outside the boundary” or
  • “the umpire has declared off from today” or
  • “all goals to be kicked outside the goalpost “or
  • “Today I am a Chinese in a cricket Ground “

If your boyfriend is a fan of blockbusters and a die-hard movie watcher, then the most interesting way to convey that you are on period is that

  • “it is intermission time for this week “or
  • “Theatres closed for plays due to internal maintenance for a week
  • “Movie banned for three days”
Code names for the period

If you are to tell to your man who is a work alcoholic and enjoys his work and office, then the code names for the period could be which he would surely understand that it is a time not to be disturbed:

  • “site under maintenance “or
  • “its monthly off time “or
  • “Auditing on the process “

If you are lucky to have a man who is a Foodie and enjoys your cooking and loves eating, the best way to let him know that you are on your period is

  • “On diet for a week “and

more interesting, another name of period that you can give is that

  • “No cooking for three days, I am refilling “

Too much to think to tell a man that you are on period, isn’t it? But a quick phrase of saying ‘That I am not pregnant’ can be such a funny code to tell your girls’ gang that you are on the period with the expression of relief. But, anyways, not everything is easy in life! So, let\’s get back to our main idea!

Nicknames For Period Calling of Mother nature?

If your boyfriend is a student, telling him that you are on a period in a funny way

  • “College closed for a few days due to term maintenance “
  • “Books are out of Library for a week “

And here comes the music lover!

If your man is a music lover, then you could go with the phrase that will surround him with the sound of salience but will surely bring in the pampering feeling:

  • “Music is out of scale for a week “ or
  • “Instrument on revamping for three days”

If you are enjoying your life with a nature lover, it is all the easier to say and You could go with the phrase

  • “Shedding leaves for the month” or
  • “I have my monthly visitor” or
  • the common way of saying “the crimson visitor on the way”

If you have an adventurous boyfriend who finds interest s in traveling or driving, then the nicknames for periods can make the deal for you:

  • “Brake your vehicle for a week “ or
  • “ I am on the red ride this week “
  • Even more, interestingly you could say, “ I am crossing the Red Sea this week”

And at the same time if he is a Pet lover, the code names for periods can easily understand that you are on your period when you say

  • the Dog is out”
  • The Red parrot is back again this month”

Furthermore, there are very bizarre phrases used in different parts of the globe and you can always bring the trend of your country by using calling as Code name to your period such as “The English have landed “In France. It is called a mad cow disease in Finland and Brazilians say that “ I am with Chico “ while china says it as “ Little sister has come.’’

Nicknames For Period Calling of Mother nature?

The Dutch have a crazy name for period that says “There are communists in the funhouse”. South African women voice it as “Granny is stuck in the traffic “ and there is yet another phrase with an unknown origin which goes as “ Birthing a blood Diamond” .

Though there is little weird and unpopular but the mystery unfolds itself in all the crazy ways.

Do You know, why do we call our period aunt Xname?

There are women who still have a fancy in continuing with the most popular age-old phrases conveying the same meaning and consider the phrases as period nicknames.

A.ha, the trend of funny nicknames of period isn’t new! You can use them to tell your mom that you are period in funny way.

Well, I am sure using the funny code names to tell your mother that you are on period will certainly make the relationship stronger and bring comfort.

Saying ‘Auto Floor’, ‘auntie Flow ‘is the most popular and hilarious phrases used since ages and time of the month and can be quickly recognized by your mother.

So, now mother-daughter bond is all set!

Let us check out some more funny nicknames that you can relate to tell your man that you are on period. You can also try:

  • On the rag, Red tide
  • Army, code Red,
  • Monthly visitor,
  • Lady Time,
  • Surfing the crimson wave,
  • Bloody Mary,
  • The blob,
  • the shark week
  • and having the painter in

So, hope few of the common nicknames or another name for periods used by women all over the world has given you fun ideas to tell your man that you are on period

Moreover, there are few other direct yet not so direct names used such as chums, my time, etc. to indicate that serotonin is fluctuating in the body and that the woman is on her period.

All said and discussed, men, tend to understand better the women whom they love and that they get the feeling that their girl is undergoing stress and pain even before the girl says that they on their period and needs her own space.

There is no necessity to be embarrassed to openly tell your man that you are on your period since it is nature’s way of rejuvenating the body of woman every month and any mature man who loves his girl would understand this and help her go through these days with comfort and ease.

These phrases and words or nicknames when used in such an interesting manner tend to ease out the tension and the stress psychologically that a woman undergoes during her period and also keeps your man think for few minutes before he understands the hidden message.

Have a quizzing period!!!


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