Top 5 Beautiful And Easy To Use Invitation Video Maker Template

In today’s times of technological progress and social media popularity, it is no longer merely enough to have the perfect celebration planned and enjoyed with family and friends.

It is just as important, if not more, to have the invitations for the same customized, personalized, and made equally popular as the event itself. No matter where you are, what culture or socio-economic strata of society you belong to, inviting people for any special occasion in your life brings a smile of joy to anyone’s face. 

As celebrations have become more and more elaborate, so have their invitations or announcements for the same. Today, like with most things in life, there are innumerable options and no limits to creating beautiful video templates for any and all affairs.

However, as with everything, there is a cost involved and perhaps not everyone can afford a professionally shot and digitally airbrushed video invite. 

There are several invitation templates to choose from for all kinds of occasions so the key is to finalize what exactly do you want your first communication to say. Invitations for weddings and the various ceremonies accompanying it, constitute a huge part of any online intro maker for e-invitations. Thus, a different theme can be assigned for each function.

Romantic Wedding Video Template

So, today we will take a look at 5 beautiful and easy to use invitation maker templates. 

  1. Moroccan Arabian nights: A Moroccan Arabian nights theme for the cocktail ceremony, a western fairy-tale pink and white theme for the engagement or wedding ceremony. The invite could have Arabian style homes opening their doors to what’s inside. The next image could present the date and time of the event. Some templates also come with map-like features where the video takes you from island to island, giving different pieces of information on each one. 

Thus, for each of these functions, there can be a different video with corresponding background soundtracks, songs and colour schemes incorporated. An emerging trend that is spotted nowadays is to make your wedding invitation into an animated one.

This can feature your favorite movie clips, songs, places to travel, etc. Another advantage is that these animated invitations can be shared on everyone’s personal social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This grabs further eyeballs and generates traffic for your business.

  1. Religion-Specific Invitation Video Template: InVideo has a lot of cool and ‘Insta-worthy’ online video editor templates which can be used to give an edgy yet state-of-the-art look and feel for your special day. Based on your religious beliefs, you can find a suitable invitation video template. These templates are usually animated, but you can add a unique touch by adding your pictures or cartoon sketches of yourselves. 
  1. Basic Wedding Invitation Video:  Sometimes, the best thing to do is to choose a simple and minimalistic template in pastels or muted palettes. If you are an admirer of simplicity, a compilation of basic and standard templates, decorated with some minor animations and a color-coordinated template is just the one for you. The video or animation chosen here must be in sync and not too flashy. ‘Gen Next’ or our favourite millennials pride themselves on doing everything differently and with a personalized touch. 
  1. Romantic Wedding Video Template: In these kinds of templates, photos and videos of the couple are added to give the invitation a personal touch. You can also mention your favourite quotes and record a video of yourselves inviting the guests. You can also choose a love story theme, where apart from the details of the wedding, a short animated video of the couple’s love story is played in the video. You can also add life goals in this video.
  1. Traditional Wedding Invitation Video Template: Every culture has its own fragrance and beauty, its own traditions and rituals. For a lot of people, any video template invite needs to encompass their cultural ethos in all of its multifaceted glory. These wedding invitation templateshave cultural components of each tradition. Images or animations of the couple dressed in their traditional wedding attire can also be added. Traditional music could go with it to add a touch of heritage.


It is imperative to remember that for all categories in the virtual world, there is an ocean of content out there today. Anything that you come up with, someone else can do it better, faster, and more economically. Thus, what is it that will make your material stand out and be remembered even after the backspace key is clicked? How creatively you make a video and display the important message is what will make it stand out. You have multiple options to choose from. Thus, choosing a beautiful, and colourful animated invitation video template will have a greater impact on viewers than a written message if it is beautifully worded.


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