9 Things that are Guaranteed to Destroy the First Date

Every time you start preparing for a romantic meeting, you must be reading a lot of articles about what to do to make this occasion perfect: what to wear, what to say, how to joke, where to go… We try so hard to look flawless in the eyes of our date that we forgot some things actually may ruin a nice romantic evening no matter how hot and charming you are.

If you’re really tired of banal sweet dating and look for an opportunity to screw everything up for a thrill, then don’t forget to do something (or everything) from our list below, you’re welcome. If you still hope to find a perfect match like those on Datingladies.com, avoid these actions.

Drink strong alcohol and get loaded

9 Things that are Guaranteed to Destroy the First Date

“How about we go for a drink?” – a classic move to ask someone out on a date. There’s nothing bad if you both decide to spend a few hours chatting behind the bar and drinking a pint of delicious craft beer or a sweet tropical cocktail. However, this is a far cry from an alcoholic marathon which will not bring you any points on a date… unless you both are complete drunkards.

Talk about your ex

Reasonable conversations about past relationships are OK if you’re dating for a few weeks or month and trying to know each other better. Moreover, sometimes such talks are useful when a couple tries to figure out some mistakes they don’t want to repeat in the future.

But whining on the first date?! If you want her to remember this day only from the dark side, just mention how good sex with your ex was and how you miss it.

Be late

Come on, forget this stupid rule that it’s normal to be late, especially for a girl. Today, people value their time more than 50 years ago (of course, they had nothing to do without the Internet).

Be rude to others

You may be eternally polite and charming to your date as every single article suggests. But if you don\’t arrange a rendezvous in a distant forest or a creepy park at night (which also could have been in this list), you will have to face other people like waiters or bartenders, and you also should be nice to them. But if you’re sure she is a 100% sociopath, like you, just try it, why not?

Bring a friend

A date was invented for two. It is made for people who feel affection and want to get to know each other. Don’t even mention you want to bring someone else with you, and don’t you dare bring them spontaneously. You may feel confident, of course, but do you know how this would make your date feel? So, grow up and leave the double dates for later… if you don’t screw this one with your talks about an ex.

Bring up controversial topics

Undoubtedly, conversations about religion, sex, abortions, politics, vegans, and flat Earth can tell you a lot about your potential partner on the first date. But there are more indicators that can point you at some of your vis-a-vis\’ flaws. It is not necessary to provoke her or him on a furious discussion in the very beginning. You will have time for that, believe us…

Stare into your smartphone’s screen

9 Things that are Guaranteed to Destroy the First Date

When somebody’s scrolling their feed and typing texts in messengers all the time, it annoys everyone. Whether you are on a romantic date or a casual meeting with friends, such behavior only shows you are not interested in what’s going on. Not the best idea when you’re about to know each other better.

Talk only about yourself

Dating is supposed to lead to a relationship. And relationships have never depended on only one person. No one likes to deal with a selfish and arrogant freak that can’t listen to others. Of course, you may not be such a terrible person for real, but the first impression will be ruined.

Tell cheesy and rude jokes

Many people love vulgar humor, there’s no denying the fact. But yet again, the first date is not an appropriate occasion to joke about necrophilia or dirty sex. Anyway, if you feel that your data will not lead to anything except disappointment, you can try your out a new joke on your vis-a-vis. At least someone of you two will laugh.


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