Funny Invention- Ear wax Scooper

It\’s just simply disgusting to be talking about earwax, but it\’s natural, it happens and it\’s gross. But you know what is worse than that? Yes, there is something worse than that. The instrument that gets that goop out of your ears- an earwax scooper!

Though it\’s utterly disgusting and gross, to think about it, it\’s quite a funny invention. I mean who would think of scraping their ear canal for some sticky treasures. Well, something led to that discovery, and it\’s time we look it up!

Funny Invention- Ear wax Scooper

Now, today we will not only be talking about ear wax scoopers but we will be actually looking at the result while you scoop out the thing.

This is the story of Justin Letlow. The chap was one day working at his furniture shop, scratching away his ear like a mad man. Not only was it very irritating, but it was worse than he could not see what was bothering his ear canal.

Funny Invention- Ear wax Scooper

I wonder why he wanted to see it anyway? But, anyhow, this irritation and lack of satisfaction to see his ear Gump led him to discover a funny instrument- the ear mirror.

The prototype that was originally invented was, of course, to take a sneak peek at Letlow’s own ear. How gross! The design though was very basic, was in fact equally effective. There were two mirrors attached to a long strip of plastic.

After investing it, he sat on his design for a little while, then he got this weird invention patented. Finally, he bagged a manufacturer who also helped him market this funny piece of invention. But that was not what made this instrument famous. Apparently, this weird design required some weird mocking to boost its growth.

This mocking boost was provided by Ellen DeGeneres which finally made the product what it is, thereby giving it a fancy name Multi-Use Ear Mirror!!

Hey, don\’t be amazed at the name, it does have multiple uses! Not only can you use this to see your earwax, but you can also use it to see other gross things in your body, for instance, your own tonsils. Basically, any slimy bumpy things on your body can be seen using this earwax scooper. But hello! Please do not get all imaginative with this! There are holes in your body that this instrument is not made for!!

Lets think outside your body for a moment. The design of this scooper makes it easy to work with it as a periscope. So the next time you lose your earring behind the fridge, use this weird piece of invention!


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