For the people who don’t know about Gaberial Dropout. Gaberial Dropout is a Japanese Manga series written and illustrated by Ukami.


In this series it is all about a girl named Gaberial White Tenma who after passing her school in heaven (#graduatingangels) who were sent to earth, to learn about humans and guide them to the correct path, but after arriving at earth Gaberial herself gets addicted to video games and turns in a complete slob.


Gaberial actually reminds us or rather makes us think to choose between the right and wrong. While watching Gaberial’s series we always get a lesson to learn. In the surroundings, we leave it\’s our prime duty to learn and inculcate within us something which is good for us and not learn something like Gaberial which ultimately changed into a snob. It was Gaberial’s choice to learn the bad and get involved in it.  For things like these should not happen we should always keep good relations with people is necessary. Never to change our mindset just for the sake of others, by keeping a positive mindset we always good attitude towards things.

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Gaberial didn’t take any time to change herself into a nasty creature. As we know that Gaberial is an angel come from heaven to teach the humans to walk to the right path, she could have changed several humans to follow the path of truth but she herself changed to a bad one.


So I personally think that in the end its people’s choice to choose between the right and the wrong, to understand between what’s good and what’s bad and to always choose the path of truth and not change the way Gaberial changed. Gaberial could also have been an inspiration or a role model for someone only and only if she would have chosen the path of goodness and could have changed the people who chose to do the bad. So at the end lets not become the #demongaberial but the #angelgaberial.

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