15+ Best My Heart My Soul Meme

Do you remember MS Paint? Before the internet took over the world and all the amazing action and fun packed games rose, paint was our first and most fun loving and time killing activity. Now, using this software, some jobless nerdy guy sitting in his mom’s basement drew a turtle.


A green turtle with red lips and big soulful eyes lost in thought, held his hand over his heart, and maybe it is thinking about its hair fall or about why the guy is sitting in his underwear while creating it.

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After a couple of months, another guy who claims to be a meme master, probably jobless to find the picture and thought, lets add some words and turn it into meme, and he did, he added four words “my heart, my soul”. But present days writing the words with their own spellings is lame, everyone wants gangster words, so, he spelled it differently, he used phonetic spellings “Mah hart, Mah sole” and made a sad meme with deep thought, and sad meaning, and published it on the internet.

\"\" \"\" \"\"

Considering the meme trend, everyone got a whiff of this bad boy and soon got very popular. When the restaurant ran out of garlic bread and you want to share your gut wrenching pain with your friends, slap the “my heart, my soul” meme, or when you see your crush being happy with her boyfriend, here comes the “my heart, my soul” meme.

\"\" \"\" \"\"

Without any uncertainty share when you’re boasting about your achievements and skills but no one acknowledges it, print a huge board with “my heart, my soul” meme and hold it over your head! Memes are fun, some have a deep meaning, some are just pretty outside and empty inside, just like the blonds. I’m kidding you all.

\"\" \"\"


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