The 3 Best IPhone Apps to Help You Quit Smoking

The US Census Bureau (USCB) estimates that the world population exceeded 7 billion people on March 12, 2012. Astonishingly, more than 25 percent of those folks are still smokers.

That’s right! According to the World Health Organization, there are about 2 billion people on the planet still lighting up every day.

For those who are wondering whether technology can assist in their efforts to quit, here are three of the best iPhone software applications available in the market today.

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Quit It Lite App

The free Quit It Lite app is described as a “tiny motivating program, supporting and encouraging smokers to quit smoking,” while stopping ex-smokers from ever puffing again.

It works through a reward system that tallies all the cigarettes you resist and calculates the savings accumulated by not smoking. Additionally, it displays the tar you did not take into your lungs, and it allows you to share your successes with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Craving to Quit App

Though a bit pricey at $99.99, Craving to Quit is a full 21-day program based on a successful cessation program developed and tested at Yale University.

When used properly, this app provides a constant presence through daily playlists of audio and video tracks, goal-setting tools, and reminders.

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As you progress through the program, developer GoBlue International states, it “will walk you down to 0 cigarettes/day by teaching you important concepts about overcoming the habit and giving you the tools you need to successfully quit smoking.”

The “Want-o-Meter” helps you smoke mindfully during the early stages and assists with distractions to pass the time until your cravings stop. There’s also a built-in alarm system that alerts users to check in regularly with the app to stay on course.

Stop Smoking Cigarettes App

The official name for this app is a mouthful. It’s listed in the Apple Store as the “Stop Smoking Cigarettes Now Quit Smokes Forever Tracker, Counter, & No Smoker Cigarette Quitter Coach App.” As a free app, it’s a motivational program that reminds you why you need to quit, and accomplishes this by tracking your cravings.

It even shows you real-time stats pertaining to your health improvement, money saved, cigarettes not smoked, and a lot more. There are a lot of positive reviews about this one, which should encourage you to give it a try.


If you don’t want to go “cold turkey,” consider a cigarette substitute without all the harmful effects of actual cigarette smoking. is a helpful and insightful resource. It lists a good number of surveys and ratings of the products on the market today, and provides visitors with a thorough overview of what experts have to say about e-Cigarette smoking.


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