The Rainbow Emoji Text That Can Crash Your iPhone Or iPad

Do you recognize associate degree one will crash your iPhone or iPad by merely causing you a rainbow emoji text? All that person must do is send you an iMessage having a rainbow emoji text and your iPhone or iPad can crash and you won’t be ready to use your device a few times.

It doesn’t cause permanent injury however it is often a nuisance if it renders your device useless a few times.

Pranksters square measure exploiting a bug in iOS to crash your iPhone or iPad by merely causing you a text message that generates flag and rainbow emojis.

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The same bug has two variants. In one variant, there\’s waving the flag of truce emoji, a zero, a rainbow associate degreed a hidden character referred to as “variation selector” – this character is often derived into an iMessage speech communication simply so sent to anyone you\’re feeling like so as to crash his or her iPhone or iPad.

The second variant has constant ingredients however rather than directly causing the message through iMessage, you\’ll be able to enter the message at intervals a contacts file and thru iCloud Drive, it is often shared with associate degree iMessage contact. As presently because the person opens the contact his or her iPhone or iPad crashes.

Given below is that the video that explains however the rainbow emoji text are often accustomed crash someone’s iPhone or iPad.

Text That Can Crash Your iPhone Or iPad

As the person within the video explains, the heavy issue regarding this bug is that as presently as you send the message to the device mistreatment iMessage, it merely freezes.

Nothing works. Even the house button doesn’t work. It merely crashes the iPhone or the iPad that receives the rainbow text emoji. The funny issue is, even making an attempt to send the message to some other person will get you in bother as a result of on balance, you may be mistreatment constant characters in your own device.

This can be associate degree iOS ten.1 and below drawback and right away there\’s nothing iPhone and iPad homeowners will do to stop receiving this rainbow text emoji from one in all their mysterious friends or contacts.

The bug that crashes or freezes people’s iPhones and iPads through the rainbow text emoji was discovered by an engineering science student with the Twitter handle @preston59.

As mentioned on top of, it doesn’t for good damage the recipient’s iPhone or iPad, it simply freezes the device for 10-15 minutes and at the moment the device mechanically restarts, and also the drawback looks to travel away.

such a lot of individuals square measure causing the rainbow emoji text message simply to fool around and bother friends and relations.

In fact, as incontestible within the video, the matter is within the rainbow text emoji itself. in spite of wherever it\’s placed, it freezes the device. Whichever device runs on iOS, crashes. although you place the text emoji during an easy text box, it crashes your iPhone or iPad.

For instance, if you’re mistreatment Google Keep and you place the text in one in all the Google Keep notes, bang, your device is crashed.

The video explains, just in case you wish to drag the prank, the way to use the text message on your own iPhone or iPad so truly send it. As explained, although you sort the text message on your own device, it freezes your device.

Therefore you would like to follow a procedure so as to be ready to send the rainbow emoji text to your contacts while not bally your own iPhone or iPad.



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