How to remove attribution powered by blogger

In the Blogger footer, we can see a “Powered by Blogger” dialogue. This is called the Attribution widget. It has an optional copyright field. This is used to display copyright information and credits. There we can put our copyright notices if we want. It is not necessary to keep the attribution widget.

Attribution widget on Blogger

Blogger’s terms and conditions may not allow removing this widget from the blog. Check terms & conditions before doing this hack.
It can be removed by three methods.

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Using edit HTML method

Step 1: Go to Template > Edit HTML > Proceed
Step 2: Search for attribution, We can find the following code.

Step 3: Delete or comment out the above code.
Sometime, this method will work. If it is not working use the following method.

Using Unlock method

For this method, up to step 2 everything is same. After searching and finding the above code, change the red coloured true to false.

So the code will be like this.

Now close Edit HTML. Go to Layout. Find widget named Attribution. Click edit. Click on the Remove button. Gone…

Removing Attribution


Hide using CSS Method

For this method, up to step 2, everything is the same. Add the following code inside your style sheet. i.e., above ]] tag. Search for this tag and add the following just above it.

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Blogger introduced new features for pages. The recent update from Blogger unleashed new features to the pages section. Now page management is as posts section. New additions are

  • Individual statistics and comment counts
  • Management is easy as like posts
  • Group deletion and revert to draft etc. made easy
  • Grouping based on published, imported, and draft, etc.

So from now onwards page management will be very easy.

Do we satisfied??

No. I am not. Still we need some features to compete with WordPress. Some of them are

  • Sub pages
  • Increasing the number of maximum pages limit

What are your requirements?? Share it in comments.


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