The Dos and Don\’ts of a Successful Prank!

April Fools\’ Day is just around the corner, and even if you are reading this past April Fools’ Day you shouldn’t let your pranking spirit go down! You should note these Dos and Don’ts down for your own sake! 

It is fun to prank your friends and family, but it could always go south if the joke went too far. To set up a successful prank, you need to consider different factors before going into your plan. Yes, April Fools’ Day is for pranking and fun but there can be a fine line between fun and harmful, especially in the home. 

Laughing and getting along because of pranks can help forge bonds, eliminate stress, and have fun! However, it is also essential to make sure your trick does not cross the line. If done wrong, jokes and pranks at home can hurt feelings, injuries, and fights. You do not want that for your reputation as a serial prankster! Keep that in mind!

Here are a handful of April Fools dos and don\’ts that we prepared for you! 

DO: Plan properly. 

Run the prank through your head over and over again, making sure there’s no room for mistakes. List down your thoughts if you must! (Just make sure no one else can see it.) Gather your props and tools ready for the stunt. Have a clear conversation with your accomplices if you have some, and tell them everything about your plan! Everything needs to be spot on! Planning ahead of time increases the probability of your prank being successful. 

DON’T: make it complex. 

Sometimes the best pranks are short and straightforward. You could just download a spoof call app and call it a day. The prank will catch them off guard. It is clean and simple! If you make your jokes more complex, the probability of success also decreases! Keeping it simple will help you execute it quickly.

DON’T: Hurt anybody. 

Nobody needs to get hurt to have a good and funny prank. Make sure your jokes are safe, clean (negotiable), and fun, or you might end up rushing someone to the hospital! Consider the safety of your pranks before going through with it. Remember, your main goal is for both of you to have FUN. Safety first! Keeping their safety in your consideration will guarantee a safe prank and a FUN one.

DO: Record your prank on video! 

As long as you make sure you have their consent before posting it on the internet, it could get viral if you got them really good with your prank! Other people might find it funny and give it more engagements. They could replicate your successful stunt! It is also important to ask your victim if it is okay for you to upload it online. If they don’t want it being uploaded on the internet, just keep it for the future! You could watch it if you have a reunion with your friends and family. You have a record of a fun memory that both of you will cherish.   

If you need help in digitizing your old videos, you can learn how to do that here. 

DON’T: Pretend to resign, break up, or be dead as a prank! 

It may backfire on you BIG TIME. There are things you just don’t joke about because it might just hurt you back. Your boss might believe that you are resigning from your job and might end up jobless. It is the same case with breaking up with your partner, and they might think that you don’t want them anymore and leave you for good. And lastly, don’t prank people that you are dead. No one will ever find it funny.

DO: Match the prank’s intensity to what your victim can handle. 

Consider the fears of your victims and consider them when you are planning your prank. If they are afraid of spiders, you could dress up your dog with a spider costume and let it chase them! Just make sure you still have your dog’s leash. Make sure to take note of your friend\’s and family’s fears so that in the future, you could prank them without causing any serious trouble.

DO: Know your victim. 

Consider your relationship with your victim and think if they can take a joke. Pranks have consequences, and you and the victim should be laughing at the end! If your victim didn’t take it lightly and they didn’t have fun, it might break into a fight, or they’ll just be angry at you. You don’t need an unnecessary fight when you are just looking to have fun!

DO: have fun.

We have to admit that this list is long and might make you think that we don’t want you to have fun. We want you to have fun! But we also want you to have a fun, safe, and fight-free April Fools’ Day prank! It is the main point of setting up a successful trick to make both sides HAVE FUN. 

This has been our list of Dos and Don\’ts of a successful Prank to keep in mind this coming April Fools’ Day! 


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