How to make iPhone Ringtones from MP3 Songs

Apple’s iPhone is still the coolest trend on the market ever since it first appeared in 2007. Dozens of millions of people worldwide bought or buy the highly popular Apple device because it’s trendy, it looks nice, it features loads of entertainment possibilities and practically, the applications you can download are countless. But, what about its music features?

Yes sure, you might have a cool phone with tons of applications and features you will probably never use, but when it comes to converting your phone into a music player, things get a little bit tricky.


First of all, as you may already know, as an iPhone user you will not be able to download tracks or mp3s into your phone unless you download them via iTunes, paying for them, of course, or unless you have generous friends that have already bought the songs you are craving for and they agree to send them to you. But, again, this requires time, effort, and, of course, generous friends if close.

Another inconvenience regarding this phones is that, in order to set a ringtone from the song you want, you need to pay once more, regardless you already paid for the song in the first place.

So, under these circumstances, how do you make your mp3 songs ringtones for your iPhone?

Wonder no more because the solution is here, free on the blessed almighty Internet. If you click on the, you should encounter a free ringtone converter and maker for your iPhone.

It is called ‘the Ringtone Maker’ and lets you create your own ringtones out of mp3s and other music file extensions like Wav, Ogg, m4a, WMA, etc.

The best thing about this program is that it both allows you to convert music files from your own library into ringtones, as well as the music tracks downloaded from iTunes. Not satisfied enough?

You can also download a secondary program that allows you to create your own ringtones, adding different sound effects to your already created ringtone or, create one from the beginning.

This way, you can have fun with your friends or alone creating countless new tunes and ringtones, adding or mixing sound effects, all these without having to pay extra money for any new ringtone that you might fill in the mood for.

Nevertheless, you can also create a ringtone from an mp3 file using only a specific verse of that song, the chorus, the intro part, practically every part of the song – you name it, download it into your ringtone converter program and start having fun with it. Who knows, maybe you will end up creating remixes that are better than the original.

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