How To Edit PDF On Smartphone

Pdf (portable document format) is a common file format and most of the documents are shared as pdf files. Adobe provided pdf in the 1990s and it took document sharing to the next level. Pdf files can hold images, text, videos, and different fonts. The word and other formats of documents can be converted to pdf, the benefit of pdf is it cannot be tempered or the receiver will get the same file that you have sent without any changes.

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The adobe reader and there a lot of other platforms that allow you to read the pdf file. Nowadays most web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, and Safari hold the configurations to view the Pdf files.

While away from your laptop or computer you still have to edit your pdf files and there is a false rumor that you cannot edit the pdf file on your smartphone. Pdf can be edited using your smartphone without any concern that it’s an android phone, iPhone, or Windows phone all you need is the right tools for this purpose.

Native Editing Tools

Most smartphones provide built-in or native applications that make it extremely easy for the users to edit pdf files, spreadsheets, and documents. These applications are fully functional and do not compromise on the quality of your documents. The availability of the editing applications depends on the manufacturer from whom you got the smartphones. Most of the smartphones come with licensed editing tools and are free to use.

These editing tools are simple to use, all you have to do is open the tool and create an account. After creating an account you have to choose the file you want to edit and you are set to edit it. After editing the pdf file you can save it on your smartphone without any restriction.

The Google Suite:

Lately, Google has been working to provide solid tools that will provide a variety of features to handle the documents and pdf files. Google has introduced G-suite for android smartphones for a few past android versions. The G-Suite holds Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and other tools that are installed in your smartphone automatically. Each of these tools allows the user to perform specific tasks on the documents, Google Docs is the right tool you are looking to edit your pdf files.

Before editing the file you have to download it on your smartphone then you open Google Docs and open the file. You have to convert the pdf file to the .doc or .docx file and start editing it. You can change the text, color, fonts, and everything you would like to change in your document. After editing the document you can save the changes. Converting the .doc file to a pdf file is easy.

XODO PDF Reader And Editor:

Xodo is the simplest application available for android and iPhone smartphones. You can download the application from the Google Play Store and App Store. This application is famous for its simple and sleek user interface. The users can read and edit the pdf files. You can edit a document file and save it as a pdf file. The Xodo application provides all the features for free and not a single feature is locked.

If you are using the laptop, you don\’t need to download any resource to edit a pdf file. The online website will help you to convert the pdf file to .doc and let you edit it.


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