Make cereal boxes attractive by UV printing

Due to the endless benefits of the design, the packaging is now considered to be the backbone of the modern industry as it serves the businesses in a bundle of competitive aspects.

Businesses are now using creatively designed packaging not only to ensure the protection of their products but also to elevate their presence in the retail markets.

 Cereal boxes manufactured of cardboard and Kraft materials can be the perfect tool for the marketers as they are manufactured of cardboard and Kraft materials and can be manufactured in any desired shape and size. The printing options for the design are also highly effective and can serve the businesses in a premium manner.

Importance of packaging

In the competitive spectrum of the modern market, the packaging is the perfect protective and promotional companion for the businesses as it serves in a bundle of unique aspects.

These boxes are more like the marketing machines for the businesses that can serve them in elevating the exposure to products due to the vivid and appealing visuals and graphics printed on the boxes.

The situation is not like this always but more like a gift of modern technology. The packaging designs used by businesses in the past were not effective enough to grab the attention of consumers and seriously lacked the charm, but with the advancements in the technology for printing, packaging was not only perfect for protecting the products but also to promote them among the market audience.

The modern-day packaging designs being used in the market are manufactured of sturdy and protective materials such as cardboard and Kraft that are perfect in the stackable nature and can resist all sorts of physical impacts with greater care.

They are matchless in the protective characteristics and can also be lined with special OPP layers to keep the risks of damage away from the products in a premium manner.

The printing options available are also effective for the process and can serve the brands in the promotional processes. These boxes can be customized with any desired colored graphics and written materials by using digital and offset printing along with several other options such as matte and UV laminations for making the appeal of products perfect.

Importance of printing

As we know that advanced printing technologies available for the printing designs are now changing the ways we perceive packaging, it is always important to print the packaging in creative graphics so that you can grab the attention of the consumers in the market and elevate exposure to your products on the retail shelves.

You can make use of your promotional theme, logo, and written details on the cereal boxes along with creatively designed graphics and illustrations to unleash the promotional potentials of your design in the best possible way along with providing the consumers with the highest level of experience.

It is always important to make use of top printing options for the packaging and allure the consumers with greater efficacy. Make use of the UV printing option as it brings charm to your packaging design and elevates the chances of better sales by leaving a memorable impact on the consumers.

What is UV Printing?

UV printing is one of the most sophisticated customization options available for the packaging to elevate the visuals of the design in a premium manner.

Unlike the conventional packaging printing techniques that require the pigment to dry naturally on the packaging materials, the process for UV printing is quite different in nature. First of all, special UV solutions are used instead of conventional pigments that are solvent-based.

These pigments don’t dry on their own but require ultra-violet light to be applied in order for the solution to dry up. This special process provides the manufacturers with a gloss finish of packaging that is alluring and appealing in nature.

How is it perfect?

The UV printing available for the packaging is highly perfect for making the box design more appealing and creative and also serves to elevate the functionality of the design in the promotional process.

The design provides greater results even in printing the most intricate graphics, and the color accuracy is higher than all the other printing options. Such a technique is highly versatile and can be printed on a number of different materials.

The option is also perfect for cutting the lead time for packaging as it can be done quickly without compromising the quality. Here are some of the unique facts about the technique.

Versatile in nature 

The versatility of the printing options matters a lot as it serves the businesses in an ultimate manner to repeat the same process on all sorts of packaging designs and helps to maintain consistency.

As the traditional printing options are solvent-based and require the solvents to evaporate once the printing is finished, it is important for the material to be porous in an attempt to absorb the ink.

Thus the applications are limited, while on the other hand, UV ink can be used on all sorts of materials, whether porous or non-porous; even the plastic can be printed with this technique.

Quicker and cost-effective

Along with the highly versatile nature of the printing option, it is also perfect for cutting the lead time required for the packaging designs due to its quick application nature.

The solvent-based printing requires much time to dry as the solvent evaporation rate, and effectiveness of the material depends on the nature of the material to be printed, while on the other hand, UV printing dries in a fraction of that time along with greater finish.

Moreover, you can also save your packaging cost by printing cereal boxes with this option as it is low in cost compared to the high rates of solvent printing due to the expensive nature of the solvent-based pigments.

Vibrant visuals

Along with the high-class effectiveness and cost-savvy nature of UV printing, the technique is also perfect in the vivid presentation of all sorts of graphics as the finish is vibrant in color accuracy and also free of smudges.

In contrast with the solvent ink that may displace during the drying process, the UV ink dries quickly, omitting any risk of blurry graphics. Moreover, the quick-drying nature of the ink also results in shinny graphics that are appealing and can hook the consumers even in a better way by reflecting the premium nature of packaging.


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