A Funny Guide To Pranking Your Husband Using The Fake Pregnancy Test Report

Thinking of fooling your fiance? Wouldn\’t it be fun to play a prank on your fiance about pregnancy? Men are always getting cold feet when it comes to pregnancy or even getting married so why don\’t we just start having fun on something that they fear a lot? In this article, we will teach you how to fake a pregnancy test so that you can have a fun time. 

How does a pregnancy test kit work? 

Who said a pregnancy test has to be taken from a serious mode only? You can have fun too. Before we reveal how to trick your partner using a pregnancy test kit, we should know how it works. 

If someone is pregnant, the way to know it is by having a test. This test is confirmed if there is a particular hormone present in the body. The name of the hormone is human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This hormone is produced only when someone is pregnant. 


The production of the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is noticed when the fertilized egg is lined towards the end of the uterus. Normally when you are pregnant, when you pee in the kit, after a few moments it will show the indication whether it is positive or not. 

You will see lines on the kit to indicate whether you are pregnant or not. If you are pregnant then it will show you two red lines, if not then only one red line will indicate the result. 

Apart from getting your pregnancy test done using the kit, you can have yourself tested by doing the blood test. Blood tests are more reliable and rigid than using the pregnancy test kit as a pregnancy test kit shows the inaccurate result depending on various factors. There are generally dependant on facts like 

  • The expiration test, 
  • Pee 
  • Chemical exposure etc. 

Can you get a false positive pregnancy test? 

So now that we know how the pregnancy test is conducted, the question arises how to fake pregnancy test results. The article is written to ensure a prank mode only. No bad intent will be appreciated. Let\’s get back to business then. There are many easy ways in which you can easily fake the test. Let us discuss thoroughly what are the ways in which you can do so. 

1. How to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice?

It is one of those pranking times which can give you so much fun. All you need is a bit of Apple juice and a tester. 

  • Method: You don\’t have to dip the tester in the apple juice. All you have to do is take some drops of Apple juice via the dropper and drop it on the kit. Wait for some minute and it will show the result as \’positive\’. Leave the tester before your husband to freak him out. 
  • How does it happen? 

The science behind this thing is very easy. The enzyme present in the apple juice can easily mimic that of the enzymes and elements that are needed to make the result positive. So when you put the apple juice into the kit, it turns positive. 

  • Myth buster: However, do not think drinking too much apple juice will make you pregnant. It does not hold that power. Of course, it can make you healthy but drinking apple juice will not get you knocked down. So that is a myth. It is mainly the reaction of the enzymes as well as some exposed elements that causes the effect. 

2. How to fake a pregnancy test with soda?

Not only apple juice, but you can also use soda too to make the pregnant test prank successful. This method is also very funny and easy to do. It requires no extra ingredients but only soda and the pregnancy test kit. With those two elements, you can easily make fun of your partner. 

  • Method: Similarly like the apple juice, you can do it too. Pour the soda into anything that you have into a container. Don\’t pour too much as you need only a bit of drop. Take the pregnancy testing kit and take the dropper. Inhale a few drops of soda and expose it on the exposed place of the testing kit. Wait for a few minutes to have a positive result. 
  • How does it happen? 

It happens because of the elements that go in the making of the soda. The soda has elements that are high in an alkaline product which can mimic the substance which causes the pregnancy test to turn positive. So the elements are the one which manipulates the result. 

A Funny Guide To Pranking Your Husband Using The Fake Pregnancy Test Report
  • Myth buster: the substance of the soda is the reason behind this test-taking the positive route. It doesn\’t mean that drinking soda will get you pregnant. No, it won\’t. It will probably hurt you if you drink soda. 

3. How to fake a pregnancy test using cola? 

This phase has to be done using the same method and elements as that of the soda method. The process is the same. 

  • How does it work? 

The ingredients that are used to make the cola are the same as that of the most important element that makes the test positive. That is why, when the cola is placed in the open place of the kit, it turns the test into positive.

  • Myth buster: drinking cola will not get you pregnant rather it will harm you or your health. So do not consume it always or more than needed. 

4. How to use orange juice to fake a pregnancy test? 

The method and equipment needed for the execution of this false positive pregnancy test prank are the same as that of orange juice. Do the same thing that you did with the apple juice. You will need the tester and orange juice. 

  • Method: take a bit of orange juice in the container and take your pregnancy kit out. Take your dropper and take some drop out of orange juice out of it. Place the orange juice on the exposed part of the kit and wait for five minutes for the result to show. You will see two lines appearing on the kit. 
  • How does it work?

it works because of all the elements that are present in the enzyme of the fruit juice. It makes the tests appear positive when exposed to the kit. 

  • Myth buster: drinking orange juice may make your bones healthy and provide you with vitamin C but it cannot help you get impregnated. 

5. How to fake a digital pregnancy test? 

There are many ways in which you can easily use the tricks that you have up your sleeve. We have some over the top methods that will help you get an authenticated prank result of the pregnancy test. 

  • Use a hairdryer upon the kit to make sure that it shows the positive results 
  • You can definitely use the above-mentioned tricks as using drinks like orange juice, soda or apple juice to play with the enzyme so that the result will show positive. 
  • You can avoid all these problems and draw the line yourself by using a marker of that similar colour and a ruler. Make sure your hands are steady. 
  • You can definitely buy a prank test kit. they are available throughout the online store. They come cheap but are fun. 
  • You can use the old one to make it more fun. Or you can ask someone to lend their used kit. 
  • Buy the tester and keep it until the date of the tester has surpassed. After this, the kit will show the wrong result. 

all these ways are very effective and funny. Do not forget to have a laugh after this. All these ways are a guide on how to make a pregnancy test positive. It will make it easier for you to handle it. 

6. How to fake a pregnancy blood test? 

You will have to take the blood in some other pathological centre which doesn\’t play around. It is illegal to ask them to do such a thing. So you cannot do it. Blood tests are very accurate and there are no ways you can play with the result unless you are really pregnant.

  •  So in order to attain that authenticity as well as fun, you have to type up a report of your own. That is as close as you will get to make a fake pregnancy test report.
  •  Another idea is to have your friend call on your husband and tell him that your blood test report has come and you are pregnant. It will surely be fun. 

All these ideas are tested and fun. Make sure that you don\’t get carried away easily. You cannot bribe a certified centre to procure a result that is false because it is a felony so think smart. 

How to spot a fake pregnancy test? 


All we have talked about is how to fool people, but what if you are at the receiving end? What if your daughter does this prank to mess with your mind? Here are some ways in. Which you can understand whether the test is fake or not. 

  • Count the dates: The trick lies in the ovulation time. You know what ovulation is and how it works. You just have to count the days in order to understand whether the story that has been told is matched or not. 
  • Check the kit: A kit will always be there no matter what. So you have to see if the kit is tampered with. Go and check the kit if the date of the kit has surpassed. In that case, you can understand that it was a prank. 
  • Check if it is \’that\’ kit: You have to thoroughly check the packet of the kit. The pranked kit is very much distinguished from the one that one uses. If there is a prank kit packaging then it means you have been pranked on.
  • See for marks: You have to thoroughly look for the marks. If it is an old kit or a lent kit then it will surely bear some scratch marks or a disintegration if colour. See if it bears the marks of \’old product\’. You have to see whether the kit has been drawn on or not. It is easy to draw lines on the kit to make pla fool out of people. You know the techniques so come on. 

Some most asked questions: 

All these questions are the most asked 

Does cola on a pregnancy test positive really work?

Yes, it does. Because of chemical properties. 

Does apple juice make a pregnancy test positive?

Yes, it makes the pregnancy test appear positive. 

Does the fake pregnancy test with soda really work? 

Yes, it does. The chemical compound in the test works well. 


A Funny Guide To Pranking Your Husband Using The Fake Pregnancy Test ReportDiscussion
How does a pregnancy test kit work?There is a particular hormone which indicates that you are pregnant. If HCG is detected in your pee via the kit then you are pregnant. 
Can you get a false positive pregnancy test?Yes, you can. There are many factors that determine such happenings. You can use the tricked kit to fool your husband too. 
How to spot a fake pregnancy test? You just have to open the eyes and count the days and look around you to understand them for more information on how to spot the fake pregnancy, read above. 


Even though it is a prank, always remember to not take the prank too far. It is a critical issue so make sure that you want to do it. If yes, here are the ways in which you can do it all. 


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