Have you seen those jigger jagger black and white lines when you buy anything in the supermarket? Yes, those things which the guy behind the counter scans and you have to wait, dog tired in the queue? Those, my friends are barcodes.

Ever wondered what are they all about? In fact, who came up with the idea of designing them anyway for which you have to wait for a few extra minutes in the supermarket after a long day of work at your boring office?

Well, that\’s what we are here to tell you today- all about barcodes. But hey, you need not worry about the facts being boring, because trust me they are not. In fact, they are shit funny!

To begin with, you are not the only person getting ticked off with these white and black lines, graphic designs will join in the protest with you because most of them are tired of “ reading between these lines”!


Though many of you may not know, and actually there is no need for knowing, but barcodes were transformed into a form of art in Japan by a company named Design (D) Barcode. I am sure those were a bunch of geeks who had a hell lot of free time!!

The company got apparently very big with the design and bagged the award of Good Design in the  Communication Design category. Since then the company has been making funny art infused barcodes for companies like Suntory, Calbee Wacoal and a ton of others.

Now if that is not enough other funny people got in this barcode mix. For instance, there is this one particular American gentleman named Scott Blake. This guy took these black and white lines to another level! He started making portraits using these!!

But the guy had a vision, a funny way of putting it. According to out Barcode Man, he chose these white and black lines to unite different people with the magic of art!

Quoting him “ Coke or Pepsi, Jesus or Buddha, American or Russian, Dead or Alive is all the same to the barcode.” Wow! Now that\’s a powerful way to put it in!

Imagine scanning a barcode and retrieving a verse from the Psalms or the white and black lines reading “Moksha”! Would be some revelation right?

But no matter what, no matter what others use barcodes for, they will still remain a weird invention which will continue to force you to stand on the other side of the counter at the fag end of the day, in a  crowded supermarket.

That’s how it will be.  Amen


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