School Memes

School is the best time of one’s life! Don’t you think so? Where would you get all that fun stuff to do in life? Now that school days are gone, and it\’s impossible to fit into the old school uniform of yours, why not try to go through some funny school memes to rejoice those funny days?

Funny memes about the school are all over the internet. Since we cannot leave the weird rat wheel that we live in, we cannot go back to our childhood days. Thus school memes are our only source of entertainment.

Remember the times when you would go to school every day and would miss it only on a Friday to find out that the teacher has discussed all the important exam questions that day? ( God blast that teacher) School days memes cover all that!

While children are expected to wear a seat belt in every vehicle, it is only in the school bus that children don’t need to wear one! School memes are all about those fun things.

If I think about my old school days, the only thing the I can recall is being detained. If I make school memes it will be only about punishments then.

School Memes

There were times before my exam days when I would get absolutely frustrated with my studies and the lack of it. After trying to study for some time, I would throw away my books and notes and say “F#ck this shit”! But soon I would realize that I need to pass to stay in the house, so I would again pick up the notes and get to studies. It was much later that I realized that it is a funny school days memes.

The best of my school life was my friends, like everyone else. But my friends were weird. It\’s possible to make school friends memes on them!

Seriously, where would you find school students hosting a funeral for the principal who is very much alive! Yeah, my friend would do that!

But now that we are all grown up, bored by the responsibility that we have to shoulder, it is only by sharing these funny memes about school can we only feel good about ourselves.

While I dread going to work every single day, I loved going to school. Be it rain, snow, sand storm, Thanos attacking Earth, I would still go to school. I am sure, even in the midst of the Infinity War, I would pack up my school bag and head out to school. Like, “f#ck this war, I am going to school.

That would make one of the funny school days meme right? Of course, it will! I share this school memes with all my friends, all the time!

School days are both fun and entertaining, So if you are a school goer, dying to grow up to go to college, then rethink your wish. Because this wish of yours is sure to become a reality soon, and that day your fun days would be over! You are sure to get cobwebs on yourself due to sheer boredom.

Don’t be surprised if your hot cup of coffee falls asleep on your workplace, and your beer turns out to be flat on a Friday night. Its life when you leave school.

But thank God you would still have these school memes to share.


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