Head Exploding GIF

What will happen when your girlfriend exaggerates a lot while shopping and you have no sense about shopping? Your head might get exploded due to irritation and frustration. These kinds of situations really need an animation which totally represents inner feelings.

It is not just a video which is referred to as head exploding GIF but also a mere sarcasm of letting the people in front of you about your narcotic condition. Let us assume a variable called X. Why a student needs to consider a variable with name X only since a student was in 5th standard. Take 1300 seconds and build a head exploding gif and just send it to your teacher. The teacher will definitely understand your pain in the neck.


Your boss at your workplace knows that you have a family but still assigns a lot of work so that you return home late. Even if he is too busy making his wife happy still he never understands. Does he need a head exploding GIF like a maths teacher? It is up to you. If you really think that he deserves then just send it without hesitation.


Are you unhappy about being a virgin? One can never understand the perception of a virgin guy. It is not about you can’t refrain from being innocent but you don’t get your pin-up girl. Ahead exploding GIF in your story might get you a girl when the girl texts “Dude! What is the matter? Why are you thwarted?” If you have guts then do behave cutely but don’t be a desperate guy. Either your virginity can be considered as holy shit.





Due to frustration, people might get messed with others. But messing up with somebody is like screwing your own image. So, why not animated or funny GIF speak your emotions.




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