10 Challenges to do when you are Bored

10 Challenges to do when you are Bored

Ancient people murdered animals to fill their tummies and show their bravery; people from the middle age murdered each other in duals to show prowess; and now that we don’t have any new murdering ideas left, we murder time (also because that is the only kind of murder which is sanctioned by our legislation)!!

Killing time is an art and if you haven’t mastered at anything till now, here is the thing you can be a pro at. This process is incredibly easy, all you need to know are some challenges to do when boredom kicks your brain out of the brain-box.

Without further ado let us jump onto the section that will provide your brain with fun challenge ideas when you are bored out of your mind!

  1. No Mirror Makeup Challenge


To perform this challenge you need at least one friend, and it is advisable that both of you be inside four walls so that when the challenge is complete, a passer-by doesn’t end up calling the mental asylum, NASA, a random ghost catcher or 911 (in case they get a heart attack by looking at your freaking face!). Get an insane amount of makeup products, get everything that you find on your dressing counter, your friend’s makeup box and if that falls short, you can as well steal a few products from your neighbor aunty who barks more at your dog than the pooch does at her.


  • Foundation– Get the whitest shade available in the market, irrespective of your skin color
  • Compact– to stop the foundation from melting and falling on your clueless doggo
  • Eye-liner– that will double the size of your eyes in an instant and give you an alien-like look
  • Mascara- to add fake-ness to the look
  • Lipstick-to make your lips look unnaturally red, blue or whatever crazy color you want it to be
  • Contours– You can count on this product to ad that ghastly effect to the entire look
  • Highlighters– To compel your friend to put on a pair of shades to even look at you.
  • False Lashes– because the fake-ness added by the mascara isn’t fake enough.

The challenge is simple, take all the makeup products and dab them on your face in quantities that you think fit without looking into the mirror. At the end of this challenge, all of you would look like characters who are just out of the book name Witch World. In the end, whoever has managed to keep any semblance with their human-look intact, wins. Simple!

And if you are a guy who wants to explore more about women and their addiction with makeup, then boy, this is one fun and scary way to find things out. We totally recommend this for you guys.


  1. Blindfold Hair Style Challenge


If the makeup challenge wasn’t enough to screw looks up then, gear up boys and girls! here comes the Blindfold hairstyle Challenge.

For this challenge, you’ll need-

  • Hair (on the head)
  • A blindfold
  • Hair gel or Rubber bands (optional)
  • Combs and brushes
  • A bit of common sense to avoid sharp and heat-styling objects (duh!)

Take all the hair-styling products and get your friend seated in front of you. Put on that blindfold and start messing (I mean styling) with your friend’s hair. After you think you are done, remove the blindfold, the first thing to do is- watch the expression on your friend’s face and then look at the product of your creativity.

Pro Tip – If that friend has messed with you in the past, this is a golden opportunity to get back at them without being obvious. Pluck a few clumps of hair out, they’ll never know your actual intention! (thank me later)

  1. Ice Bucket Challenge


This is the best way to stop those shitty ideas from cooking in your brain by making the top-floor of your body dysfunctional altogether. You would literally have the worst brain freeze in your life when you execute the ice bucket challenge.

An ice bucket challenge can be performed by anyone, but to perform this challenge SUCCESSFULLY you would need the following things; –

  • H2O (also called ‘water’ by general people)
  • Ice from Antarctica (OR from all the freezers in the neighborhood)
  • A bucket
  • A few friends to witness your bravery
  • A camera to record
  • A phone to upload the video
  • Towel and dry clothes if you don’t want to suffer from hypothermia (completely optional)
  • Some jobless people to kill the ‘Like’ button on Facebook


The challenge is pretty simple, pour all the ice into a bucket of water, take the bucket and pour it on your head at a single go! In some cases, this challenge also includes thoughts about leaving the entire thing a few moments before finally doing it.

Feel the shiver and run under anybody’s blanket for cover immediately after you take the challenge. Taking the ice bucket challenge is a good way to make up for all the gym classes you have missed, because it will burn shit-load of calories.

  1. Pepper Challenge

If you are a foodie and want to go on a diet then this challenge is a must for you. Because chances are, after taking this challenge you won\’t have any functional taste buds left. To perform this challenge you would need –

  • A friend who wants to give up on food altogether
  • Peppers – depending on the magnitude of your wish to mess things up, you can choose a mild pepper or settle for a Carolina Reaper
  • Water (loads of it)
  • Tissues (to wipe tears )

Harness all the courage you have and start biting on the chilies. The person who can eat the maximum number of chilies without drinking water wins.

Quick Tip- Take this challenge with a Mexican or an Indian if you love losing.

  1. Keke Challenge


‘’Keke do you love me? Are you riding…’’And we are back again. In 2018 this challenge went viral because it gave people the opportunity to show some pretty sexy (hilarious in some cases) moves.

You would need quite a lot to do this challenge.

  • A car, preferably with a broken door for smooth execution
  • A friend who does not have a need for speed
  • Camera to record the act
  • Medical insurance, just in case you get hit by an alien spaceship or fall into a dumpster and dislocate your shoulder
  • The Keke song playing on the audio system

If you are about to take this challenge, know that you are taking this up along with all the narcissist of the world. To do this challenge- Play the Keke song on a blast and glide out of the car, dance (or just jump and hop maybe) to the beat and move along with the car as your friend records you. After the completion, try to get back inside the car with all your limbs intact. Ta-da! The much warned-against Keke challenge is done.

  1. Memory Challenge



Are you a geek? Do you feel that the challenges on this list aren’t meant for you and you are about to click the red button on the top right of your computer screen? Guess what, we have something for you and your group too.

  • A group of friends ( we know that books are your best friend, but we need real human beings here)
  • The confidence to test your memory (having a good memory is completely secondary in this challenge)
  • A tray
  • Stray and random objects that are hard to remember and harder to name
  • Another friend who does not have the confidence to test his/her skill, but wants to be a part of the challenge anyway

Ask your underconfident buddy to procure and place a few hard-to-remember-kind-of items on the tray. Then (s)he is required to place that tray in front of you for a few seconds, after which it will be removed from your sight. Then, you are required to press your head hard and try to remember as many items as you can that were there on the tray.

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Your underconfident friend is supposed to play the butler and change the items on the tray every time a new player takes up this challenge. The person who names (or guesses) the maximum number of items on the tray wins.

Personal Experience – I scored in negative the single time I took a shot at this challenge!

  1. No Thumbs Challenge


There was a time when people used to think about what life would be like, if one suddenly gets superpowers; but we are so damn bored that we have not only thought about how would it be if a shark eats our thumbs for breakast, but also planned a whole challenge surrounding it.

To make this challenge happening you need

  • A few friends who are as crazy as you are
  • Duct tape to stick your thumb with the index finger (this is not required in case you don’t have a thumb already, and life in itself is a challenge for you)
  • Household items that requires effective use of the thumb.

In case you still did not understand what this is all about, let me break this up for you. You and your friends have to spend quite a considerable amount of time acting as if God forgot to give you thumbs or the DNA of your parents weren’t good enough.

While doing this challenge try eating with a spoon or paint some pictures. Another brilliant idea is to practice handwriting while on this challenge. And if you are a guy, you do know what your biggest challenge would be for you, don’t you? The end results would be pretty much publishable on social media or alternatively on some age-restricted sites *wink wink* !!

  1. The HUH! Challenge



Well, guys and girls, brace yourself, for here is a challenge that is primarily concerned with one of your favourite words- ‘HUH’!

For this challenge, you would need;-

  • Few people with functional vocal cords
  • A voice recorder
  • Silliness/cuteness/boredom level 1000+

If you have managed to gather a few people who are as cute or bored as you are, you are all set for the ‘huh-challenge’.  Turn on the recorder and take turns at saying ‘huh’. Whosever sound is the loudest, wins.

Tip- If you want to disturb your neighbors, perform this challenge at night (without getting into trouble). You can take multiple chances to better your score and ensure that inhabitants from another planet can hear you.

  1. Smoothie Challenge


If you are tired and bored of all the yummy tasty foods on this earth then you must try this challenge meant for ultimate foodies or whacky food tasters.

You would require

  • Several paper chits
  • Fruits and other edibles
  • A mixer grinder
  • Some people who are willing to put their sanity at risk by tasting bizarre things

Personal experience- A week back I tried taking this challenge and since then I am on an orange juice diet ! you know what I picked? Spinach Nutella and lemon.  You too might have to taste something like this if you try your luck at this challenge.

  1. Try Not To Laugh Challenge



Very much as the name suggests, this challenge is all about not-laughing or at least trying to.

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To Perform this challenge, you would require the following things

  • A sense of humor, computer connection and access to funny videos in case you don’t have the wit
  • Another person who is willing to test self-control

In this challenge, your partner is your opponent. Be seated opposite each other and hit the other person with the funniest joke you know (or gist of your own life if that is the biggest joke in your case) and see if your wit can get your friend to flash her recently scaled teeth. If the person laughs then you get a point. Then your opponent will try to tickle your rib. The person with the maximum number of points wins.


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