7 second Challenge for Kids

Awesome 7 second Challenge tasks for kids to keep them engaged

Parenting and handling children is an incredibly daunting task. This is because they are easily bored, and they run out of things to do and finally end up in creating mess. So if you are thinking of how to keep the kids engaged all the time, then you will have to take a look at the numerous 7 second challenge dares and questions that you can implement so that the kids can have a fun time playing and competing with each other.

7 second Challenge for Kids


Here is a list of some of the best 7 second challenge ideas for kids that can be given for eliminating all signs of boredom from the children.

  1. Counting the numbers in another language- Try doing it if your kid is bilingual and ask him or her to count in another language at least up to ten. It is incredibly fun to see them fumble and yet know the other language better!
  2. Singing the alphabets in backward fashion- Little kids should have this challenge every once in a while to have an engagement while trying to sing Z-A in a hilarious fashion. Let him or she know the letters backward as well as they know it forward!
  3. Style your hair- Tell your kid to do something like tie the hair into a ponytail within 7 seconds and note how well she is doing it. This will not only be a fun thing to do but also she would stand up to be an independent kid who does her hair all by herself!
  4. Name 6 breeds of dogs- In 7 seconds, naming even 4 would be a challenging task so hike it up by saying they have to mention 6 names of the dog breeds!
  5. Lick the tip of the elbow- It is true that this is a technically impossible challenge, but then who does not like to have a look at little kids trying to lick their elbows frantically to be ahead of the game?
  6. Touching each and every wall- In this 7 second challenge, the kid has to run around touching each and every wall of the house to win the challenge. This will help your kid in being physically active.
  7. Drawing a picture of your pet dog- This is both hilarious as well as creative which is the reason why you should definitely go for this one.
  8. Running up and down the stairs- This is definitely something that you have to try with your kids. Just see to it that they do not fall down while running down the staircase.
  9. Touch your feet with elbows- This is another funny thing that the kids would love to do while doing a yoga-like pose.
  10. Take off one tight sock- In seven seconds, you will have to take off one tight sock and win the challenge.
  11. Spelling the name using body figures- This is fun for the kids with a small name because they can complete the gestures within time- for others, it can be a bit tough thing to do!
  12. No thumb challenge- In this fun challenge all you have to do is to tell your child to do something very simple like opening or closing a door or even using the phone- but with a catch that they will not be able to use their thumb. If they can get through, make them do a bit tough tasks!
  13. The alternate hand challenge- This is another fun thing to do while using the hand other than the one in practice to do simple things. It may be writing your own name or brushing the teeth. So if your kid is right-handed tell him or her to do these tasks with the left hand.
  14. Pick up with feet- Spread little non – prickly items on the floor and tell the kid to pick them up using their feet within seven seconds. It is engaging as well as a challenging task.
  15. Catching coins with an elbow- Let the kids pick up the coin from the table with the help of elbow or even you can make it a bit hard by flipping the coin in the air and letting the kid catch the coin with the elbows. See how many they can catch!
  16. Making facial gestures- Try to tell the kids in making as many facial gestures as you possibly can within a span of 7 seconds. It is a very laughable thing to look at.
  17. Blindfolding- Blindfold your kids and let them carry out simple tasks like closing the door or drawing something. Make sure that you are keeping a strict eye on them so that they do not bump and hit into hard walls.
  18. Not my arms- You will need to pair up and have even number of kids playing this challenge. In this 7 second challenge, one kid needs to put each other\’s arms in a thread and loop them up. Once that is done they will have to do some tasks and the other person has to tell what his or her friend is doing behind their back. This is a challenge that involves two players to go together.
  19. Guess who- This is just like dumb charades, but the play is a lot quicker. It also needs pairing up, and while one kid imitates someone the other kid has to tell who he or she is talking about. You would love to see the acting skills of the kids and their mutual understanding as well.


Here are some 7 second challenge questions:

  • Name 5 relatives and tell us who they are in a relationship
  • Name animals names as many as you can
  • Name 10 wild animals
  • What are the 7 toys that you have?

Now that you know about the 7-second challenges in a detailed manner, why not get along with it right away and see the results for yourself? Let the kids go crazy trying to put up with these challenges while you watch them with sheer interest.


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