Challenges to do at a Sleepover

Do you really want to go and study with your friends when your parents are not at home, and you are planning a fun sleepover at your place?

Have you ever heard of a sudden knock at your door in the middle of the night and you might have run to see who is there. If you came back terrified and almost flying to be covered under your blanket, thinking that your house is creepy and attacked by a ghost or spirit, then you are entirely wrong.

It’s not the ghost who even bothers to prank you leaving her sleepover party, but someone who has pranked you for some other reason or maybe for no reason.


Do pillow fights, gossip about how the fatso “Pammi Aunty” wears Sarojini dresses saying those are of Manish Malhotra Collection, or play fun games together; a sleepover night can be anything but super hilarious and fun.

Challenges to do at a Sleepover

Here I will give you some super fun ideas to enjoy with your friends playing games in your next sleepover night. Have a look.


This could be the messiest challenge that can ever take place in your sleepover night. Eat it or wear it is basically a challenge where the participant is given with several items to eat, but if somehow the participant is not able to taste the given substance he or she may have to wear it in his/her head or body.

For example, if one of the participants is given with a raw egg and if he/she refuses to eat the raw egg, because who would love to eat a stinking raw egg, have to wear it in his/her face or head. Messy right? No!! It will be super fun once you are given various items.


Now it will be completely unethical to force a person to go for an Ice bath challenge, that too in the middle of the night. Foot ice bath challenge can be a savior for your friends from your crazy mind, and a Foot Ice Bath Challenge is super fun too.

If you don’t know how to play it, you can take a bucket full of cold water, and more freezing ice cubes merged into the water. Ask your friends to dip their feet one by one in the bucket and the person who can stay in the bucket for the more significant time can be announced to be the winner.


The Chubby Bunny Challenge is cuter and funny at the same go. To start the game, you will need a lot of marshmallows and a list of songs that you want your friends to sing for you. Now if you think that what the link between marshmallows and Songs is, then let me tell you how you can make the challenge.

Ask your friends to fit one marshmallow at a time and sing a few lines of the songs on the list. The more marshmallows in the mouth, the sound of the participant will seem to be funnier than before. Singing in such a condition will be damn hilarious, and what about listening to those songs? That you will come to know all by yourself.


As Girls Love makeup, this is not exactly a girl’s game. A challenge can be equally accepted by both the genders. Thus this blindfold makeup challenge can be played either you are a group of boys or a group of girls.

The challenge is basically very goofy and fun once you do it with your friends. Take the basic makeup kits like the lipsticks, eyeliners, eyeshadows, and blushers, and here the participants are supposed to do the makeup of another friend and not of themselves. The twisted part is the person who will do the makeup will be blindfolded, and you can anticipate experiencing the final look of the person on whom the makeup is going to be applied.


This doesn’t sound to be like a challenge right? Well raw onion is something we can eat regularly along with our lunch and dinner, right? We even include raw onion in our salads, then how is that a challenge? If you are thinking all these, then you must take the raw onion challenge.

Ask your friends to eat a raw onion and start the timer of your stopwatch. As onion has a strong smell and taste of itself, it will be worth watching how far your friends can go.


Food Challenges are widespread and super fun for any age group. The food challenge may include such food items that are either awful while tasted or something one cannot eat raw or without cooking.

The Food challenge can include different vegetables, fruits, spices, and even bakery items. Remember the less appealing is the food, the better is the challenge.


How funny can it be when someone talks gibberish out of some sensible talks? For the whisper challenge, you will need some noise proof earpieces and two persons will play together in this Challenge. One person will put the earpieces in the ears, and a piece of music with loud sound will be performed. The person will be given a piece of paper with some written statements like some movie dialogues or another song on it.

The person with the piece of paper will try to make the other person understand what it is written on the paper, and the person enjoying the louder beat of music has to identify what another person is whispering.


For this challenge, you will need some candies and a few bottles of coke and a bunch of friends who are gonna participate. Ask your friends to fill their mouths with as many sweets as they can and then serve them the coke and ask them to drink it while keeping the candies in their mouth.

The attempts will look super crazy and fun at the same time. Try to choose candies with a cooling effect like Mentos for enjoying a better challenge.


We all have had baby foods in our childhood. Those were the only things we lived on in our childhood, and it’s been years that you or your friends have tried those baby foods again. This is the time when you can have the opportunity to relive your infanthood once again.

Buy some baby foods from the baby store and ask your friends to taste a spoonful of baby foods one by one from the packet. The funniest part is they have to name the item or the brand they are eating. As most of the brands have changed their names and there are many new brands came to the market the names will turn out to be some funny ones.

These are just a few of the funny challenges you can try. You can replace the props of any of these challenges and make it unique. These funny challenges will give you and your friends a chance to bond with each other and will also gift you all some time to spend in frolic and laughter. Enjoy these games with your friends and have plenty of laughs together while creating memories to cherish for a lifetime.


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