Funny Contact Names for Mom and Dad

I love whooping with laughter when I see the reactions on my parents for calling them with funny names. And sometimes, when I  have some wishes in my \’I need list\’ I sound even cutest by calling them, moomie or to my father as popa. But, I was shocked to see that my friends are even more creative and such contact names was pretty popular to brings smiles eventually. So, I thought, why  not to list them all on my blog for my online friends. So, take a look and find the best one for your mom and pa.

Why nicknames for your mom and dad are necessary?

Pampering your parents is also necessary, they need our love and care too with highly sophisticated contact names for parents, just as a child’s nickname has a hilarious quotient to it, the offspring might also resort to some kind of humour to address their parents. 

Nicknames for mom and dad bring more attachment between the parents and their children.

  • Apple of My Eye
  • Action Mom
  • Food Maker
  • Mamadukes
  • Boss
  • Life
  • Easy breezy
  • The Chef
  • Sweet Pea
  • Anchor

They may depart from the conventional “mom” and “dad” and resort to something more twisted and appealing to the funny bone. This gets reflected adequately in the saved contact names in their mobile phone. Though, these names may be out of the box and funny, it inculcates a sense of belonging and attachment between the parent and the child.

Now, let’s find out some funny nicknames for Mom and Dad ! These contact names will help us to become their best friends.  Sometimes, it happens that we save unique contact names for the people we love.

Hmm, okay here we are going to help you with, what to name your dad in your contacts!? Keep your cellphone tune in to these contact names of your dad.

Funny contact names for Dad

Funny Contact Names for Mom and Dad
  1. 007- You cannot keep any secrets from him.
  2. Admiral- For the home’s captain.
  3. Agent- For the ideal dad who is handling all your important documentation.
  4. Alpha Male: The leader of the entire family.
  5. Babyface: For your dad, if you both look exactly the same.
  6. Bald man: A good nickname for your dad, if he is bald.
  7. BFG: The big and friendly giant.
  8. Beany: For that amazing dad, who knows exactly how to help you feel good.
  9. Big Boo: Cute name for your dad.
  10. Bibble: For your kiddish dad.
  11. Boom boom: For the dad, who likes action movies.
  12. Bourbon: Perfect if your dad likes fine whiskeys.
  13. Brave Heart: If your dad loves standing up for the rights of people.
  14. Buddy: When he is a lot more than just your dad.
  15. Care Bear: You are getting lots of love from him.
  16. Chef: Ideal if your dad is responsible for cooking the best meals in the house.
  17. Chief: The entire family is in your dad’s Control.
  18. Coach: Your dad is undoubtedly your first coach, this is the best name for him.
  19. Commander: The best name for the commander of the family, which is your dad.
  20. Dada: Way of calling your dad in a cute manner.

So, you have got some funny names to call your dad. Now, let’s check into some  nicknames for dad to make him angry and happy at the same time!

1.Dadinator: If your dad is responsible for everything that is dad-related.

2.Dictator: Best way to call a strict father.

3.Diddums: For your silly, but sweet father.

4.Dork: If your father is a geek.

5.Dude: For your cool dad.

6.Einstein: Ideal name for your brilliant dad.

7.Fatso: If your dad is more than a little fat.

8.Fixer: If your dad is responsible for fixing every broken thing.

9.Four eyes: Playful nickname for your dad, if he uses spectacles.

10.Gandalf: The coolest name for your magical dad.

Okay, you have got the nicknames to make your father realize, how much you love. See, you refer him as Einstein!

Funny names for Mom/Names for Mom and Dad

Funny Contact Names for Mom and Dad
  1. Mombasa: A weird but funny name for your mum.
  2. Household CEO: Because she takes care of everything in your house.
  3. Masters in Patience: Because nobody can be as patient as your mother.
  4. Law Enforcer: Because she is ruling the entire family.
  5. Playground Medic: Because she is responsible for taking care of you after you have hurt yourself in the playground.
  6. Numero Uno: Ideal name for representing that your mum is the best in the family.
  7. Birth-Giver: Best name for your mother.
  8. Chauffeur: Because she is the ultimate person who is going to come to your rescue always.
  9. The Folks: It is the best way to show that your mom is your everything.
  10. MumMum: The cutest extension of MumMum.
  11. Wonder Woman: Because she is the heroine of everyone’s life.
  12. Listener: Because she will listen to everything that you say.
  13. Mother hen: Because she is the head of the family, after your dad.
  14. Boss lady: Because she is the boss of the house.
  15. Instructor: Because she instructs you to do everything.
  16. Problem solver: Because she is responsible for solving every small problem that you have.
  17. Domestic engineer: She is responsible for engineering A-Z in your home and your life.
  18. Life: Your mom is your life. Hence, this is the ideal name.
  19. Action Mom: Because she will be responsible for every little action in your home.
  20. President: Because she presides over your house.

Hmm, now you have got the funny names to call your mom! Have you ever thought of making her feel cute too? Okay, I am gonna help you in this with the cute names to call your mom.

Cute names to call your mom

  • Wonder Woman
  • Momney
  • Candy Floss
  • Hockey Mom
  • Contact names for your mom
  • T-Jones
  • The mothership
  • Adorb Cushion

1.Finance Minister : If your mom takes the major decision in all the financial matter, then you can tell her as Finance Minister.

2.Cutie pie : To make her feel overloaded with love, call her cutie pie

3.Master chef : Your dad may be chef, but moms are master chef

4. Miss Generalist : If she generalises everything that is happening around you.

5. Solution Master : If your mom is a solution giver in all aspects of your family, then you can call her Solution master instead of mom!

6. The 360° : If she works like a circle, like if she manages almost everything, then you can say your mom as the 360°.

7. Angel Mania : Every mom is an angel in the family, so you can tell her as Angel Mania.

8. Miss Omnipresent : If you feel her presence, everywhere you go, then you can call her miss omnipresent

9. Store of happiness : Mom is the  reason why we feel homesick all the times. She brings happiness,  where she lives or where she goes.

10. The perfect manager : You might have met , many managers in our life but your mom is the perfect manager among all.

When life brings us the toughest roads, parents are the ultimate saviours. They fight for us, and protect us from every unwanted dilemmas. If we can give funny names to our brothers and sisters, then definitely we can give nicknames for parents.


Our parents have taught us to add happiness in our lives by subtracting all the odds and obstacles. Those above mentioned funny names will surely bring smile on their face and that smile is priceless.  And The smiles of your parents is a lifetime asset for you.

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