Weight Lifting Meme

Memes on Weightlifting that you Can Relate to

If your friend has started lifting weights even after you tried convincing him a 1000 times that, cardio is a ‘healthier choice’. But that sucker had his mind fixed on impressing girls by tearing a dozen sleeves by flexing muscles in front of them (which frankly, would make him look like a complete idiot who doesn’t know the size of his own shirt) . Then these are some of the memes you might find amusing.


Your happy-go-lucky friend with whom you ate all the junks in the world coupled with ice-cream equivalent to your own weight, has suddenly started living on protein shakes, boiled animal corpses and yucky veggies.


You were probably a good student in school and attended all your English classes, but the recently developed vocabulary of your wannabe hunk friend, which include things like ‘rep’.’1RM’, ‘deloding’ ‘ARNP’ etc is making you want to go back to prep school again!! In which case we’d say ‘’take a chill, we don’t know any of it either’’.


If you are a girl who had always admired your boyfriend for being sleek yet strong, then you are probably seeing your boyfriend’s transformation from a human to the Hulk against your will.

\"\"You have often seen pictures of your friends lifting a superhuman amount of weight and posting pictures of the same on social media that gains a minimum of 1K likes, and you have been awed by it, as that loser loses to you in arm-wrestling every time you people meet! So how is it even possible?


If that is the case, you might find your answer in the following memes.

And if you are somebody who has successfully broken your new year\’s resolution of going to the gym three times a week to lift some weights and build some flattering muscles, then we have something that you might relate to as well;-


No matter if you know somebody or are somebody who wants to lift weights, keeping everything in limit is the key to a successful and healthy life. And the most important part is to keep it going no matter what hindrances come your way.  



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