How To Ride an Electric Bike on the Sand

An electric bicycle gives you the power and freedom to plan new adventures on two wheels. You may ride your favorite electric beach cruiser to the beach, but can you take on sandy soil for a beachside cruise? Find out how to conquer the beach or other sandy routes with your bicycle today.

Choose Fat Tires

You may be disappointed if you try to navigate sand with a men’s electric cruiser bike. These comfortable cruisers only have tires that are 2 inches wide or slightly wider. You’re going to want at least 3 inches of width to prevent the sand from getting the best of your wheels.

Consider a fat tire e-bike for your next sandy commute. A quality fat tire bike has a tire width of 4 inches, which gives you an ample footing for navigating sand. Some tread styles are better than others for this difficult terrain, but the width is one of the most important features.

Look for thick treads with aggressive knobs to give you the most traction on the sand. These off-road tire types aren’t going to be ideal on the pavement, but can help you remain in control as you fight through the loose sand.

Plan Your Route

Just because you can cruise through sand doesn’t mean you should take on a tall sand dune. An electric fat tire bike or other wide-wheeled option operates best on packed sand. Look for a route with hard-packed sand to improve traction and avoid your wheels sinking deep into the sand.

A hard-packed route can take a lot of the work out of pedaling. This means a more comfortable ride for you and less power usage for your electric motor. While you may be able to handle slight elevation, try to avoid any hills or uneven areas of sand.

Can’t seem to find a smooth route through the sand? You may need to stick to the boardwalk and pavement with your beach cruiser or other ride. While a stroll along the beach may be pleasant, a bike ride in the sand is much more strenuous. There’s no shame in sticking with smooth, leisurely riding experiences on your favorite bike.

Maintain Your Electric Bike

Your fun-filled, beachside ride can leave your bicycle covered in sand and water. It’s important to clean off your bicycle to reduce the risk of rust, paint scratches and damage to your gears. This is particularly true if you’ve been riding alongside the ocean and enjoying the salty spray.

Park your men’s or women’s electric beach cruiser and take out an air compressor. A spray nozzle on a compressor or a condensed air can allow you to blast away sand and mud away from your motor, gears and other moving parts.

Monitor these moving parts and be ready to lubricate them more often if you’re routinely riding near the ocean and on sandy terrain. All that grit and salt can cling to your chain lube and create unnecessary friction.

Prepare for a Fun-Filled Ride Today

Don’t let a little sandy patch stop your commute. Head out to the beach for a fun-filled ride with your favorite fat tire electric bike. Shop for a new electric bicycle or helpful accessories today to make memories on two wheels.


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