Where To Find The Best Street Food in Madrid

When people think of Madrid, they often think about the culture and history. However, there is another side to this beautiful Spanish city that many tourists are not aware of: street food. Street food in Magos en Madrid has a long tradition that dates back to when the Moors first settled in Spain. The most popular street foods include kebabs (known as \”churros\” or \”kabobs\”), peri-peri chicken and lamb sandwiches, and bocadillos de tortilla espanola. To find these delicious delicacies for yourself, just follow these four steps!

1) Join one of two courses offered by TurismoMadrid; either “Street Food Tour” or “Iberian Flavors Tour”.

What is the best street food in Madrid? Join one of two courses offered by TurismoMadrid; either “Street Food Tour” or “Iberian Flavors Tour, to find out! These tours are an excellent way to explore both well-known and lesser known neighborhoods while tasting some of the most delicious foods that Spain has to offer.

TurismoMadrid offers a variety of different tour lengths for various budgets – from €12 with their \”Gran Via\” course, which lasts just over three hours, all the way up to €55 for their 13 hour \”Unconventional Madrid\” experience – so there\’s something for everyone. All itineraries include tasting at least six dishes, so it\’s impossible to go hungry.

As an added bonus, your tour guide will also be giving you some insider tips on restaurants that are worth checking out in the area! So next time you\’re looking for a new place to try or just want to experience some of Madrid\’s best street food while learning about this truly unique city and its culture in one fell swoop, take TurismoMadrid up on their offer.

Our services include: Street Food Tour / Iberian Flavors Tour (€12 – €55)

TurismoMadrid has partnered with Magos en Madrid which offers guided tours around Madrid’s most authentic culinary hotspots while providing visitors with in-depth knowledge from local experts.

Their tours include a visit to three of Madrid’s top street food markets, where you can taste six different dishes with the help of your tour guide and explore some hidden gems around town that are worth checking out as well.

Tours start at €12 for a short experience up to €55 for an Iberian Flavors Tour which includes visits to four establishments in addition to tasting traditional Spanish delicacies such as Serrano ham or chorizo.\”

One of the best things in Madrid is its street food. No matter where you go, there are always people selling all sorts of delicious traditional treats like churros and fried bits of dough coated with sugar or honey (also known as buñuelos). You can buy them for breakfast at a cafe near Plaza Mayor, eat them on your way home from work, or have one before going to watch Real Madrid play football!

As we walked by café after café, we were beginning to get hungry.

The menu was written in Spanish and with a name that made me think I might be allergic to everything on it

We peered inside one café near Plaza Mayor where the smell of fresh churros wafted out like an invitation from someone\’s grandmother

I went ahead and ordered us some coffee too because how can you go wrong? That turned into breakfast for dinner at home since our experience confirmed what we had thought about Madrid: The food is amazing!

If you\’re planning a trip there soon or are already living here, don\’t miss this list of spots for street food around town–it\’ll make your stomach happy (and wallet lighter)! And if you have any recommendations or have any places you love to go when you\’re in Madrid, please comment below.

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Madrid is a beautiful city with much to offer. From historical sites like the Prado Museum and Plaza Mayor, to delicious street food that can be found just about anywhere in this Spanish capital, there’s something for everyone here! To show you what I mean, we have four steps for finding some of the best street foods on your next trip to Madrid. The most popular types are kebabs (known as \”churros\” or \”kabobs\”), peri-peri chicken and lamb sandwiches, bocadillos de tortilla espanola. And don\’t forget dessert – churros con chocolate y crema catalana are both must tries when visiting Spain\’s capital!…read


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