Funny Things to Ask your Google Home

Smart speakers are entertaining and, at the same time, useful. Sometimes you go to work and come home feeling tired and bored, but there is something that can cheer you up. There are so many funny queries you can ask your Google home to make your day enjoyable. If you want to get responses that will crack you up, try using your Google home. When you try it for the first time, you will continue doing it for the longest time. If you cannot access Google home, there is another option for you. You can still have fun using the Google Assistant app.

Hey Google, Sing Me a Song

If you think Google home cannot sing for you, then you are wrong. Anytime you are bored and want something to make you happy, tell you Google home to sing for you, and you will be surprised. It cannot sing for you an entire song, but it will sing a small section. You will be able to get the lyrics together with the tune; how sweet. It will serve you perfectly, and you will want to do that all the time. If you are having a dull moment, try it out.

OK Google, Clean My Room

If you are tired of cleaning and do not have money to buy a vacuum, do not worry because Google home got you covered. There is no way it can clean for you, but music can make the whole thing fun and easy. Google Home will play music for you, and you will not feel lazy anymore. You will find yourself cleaning without knowing it.

You can also ask it to help you with other chores and custom term paper writing, but the result may be the same as for cleaning requests. Enjoy your music!

Hey Google, Self-destruct

If you are a secret agent and your home is the base, you have a tactic. If there is any way you want to escape so that the enemy cannot find you, you can try playing with Google Home. You can use the destruction protocol, and you will get it fully. It cannot do it correctly, so anytime you want destruction, you can find a way to do it independently.

 OK Google, Are You Married?

What do you think Google does when it is not busy? Maybe it is a relationship that you know nothing about, and you cannot see if you do not ask. When you ask about that, you will get a funny response. It is dedicated and married to the work it does. That is so impressive, and maybe it is time for it to join dating sites.

Hey Google, Do You Speak Morse code?

Even if you do not speak in English, you get sored when it comes to Google Home. It can understand any language and can give you an answer immediately. It understands Morse code too, so if you thought it could not, you are wrong. There is no way it can translate any word to Morse code.

OK Google, Do You Have an Imagination

Google is programmed to answer people in a certain way, but it can still give you answer that will leave you amused. If you ask it about imagination, it will provide you with a sweet answer that will leave you wondering.

Hey Google, I am Naked

You think you can scare Google by going a little bit deep; you cannot. If you ask it such a question, it will give you a perfect answer. I will want to check the weather for you, that is so funny.


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