How to choose a university for your undergraduate studies

Choosing a school where you will spend the next 4-5 years of your life can be a difficult decision. There are many things to factor into your decision such as what program is being offered, what country/state the university is in, the tuition fees, etc.

These are all important things to think about.

It can be super overwhelming but it is a decision that you need to make before you start sending out applications.

This article will guide you to choosing a great college, where lots of opportunities will be opened to you.

  1. The program

At this point, you should have a good idea as to what you want to be studying in university.

If not, that is perfectly fine too because our next advice applies to both situations.

Go through the university programme catalogue, and see what type of programmes and respective courses they have.

Do this for the other universities you have narrowed down as well, and see which college’s programme resonates best with you.

You can also do some research on the internet about this if the course catalogues are too overwhelming.

You can find people on Reddit, Quora, Facebook etc, who are already attending the programme that you might decide on and ask what their experience has been like.

  1. The location

Where you decide to go college that matters a lot.

Whether or not you want to be far from home, will also have a huge impact on your decision.

This is something you need to decide for yourself, if you are comfortable being away from home.

People choose to go to university in a different country because they want international exposure.

If this is something you are interested in, you can also look into colleges abroad.

  1. Expected costs

This is a big factor that you have to account for. College is expensive, especially if you don’t have a scholarship.

Look into the expected costs of the colleges, and also factor in your living expenses if you will be away from home.

If a scholarship is something you need, you can always apply for one. It will be very competitive but you can always work for it, like starting an essay writing service in college.

Plan the annual expenses for everything you can think of, and see what the total looks like.

If you feel like it is out of your budget, you can consider applying for student loans.

  1. Check the campus

If it is possible for you to go and look at the campus, you should definitely do it.

This will help you decide better because you will be able to visualize your life in the college, and see how things can potentially be.

This will also give you a chance to talk to the students already there, and ask how their experience has been.


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