Who Will Win MeMe

We are living in some fun times! Nowadays any Tom Dick and Harry with zero merits can take away your job. You may be well trained in handling Artificial intelligence but someone who can spell the word intelligence with no intelligence to show can ace you in your field of work! That is why who will win meme have become so famous these days.

While science and all other technological advancements are failing to identify the perfect cure for Cancer some silly theory on eating Bitter Gourd to cure Cancer can win many hearts. That is what who will win meme is all about.

Who would win meme is about all such weird things that we are so used to in our life! While a good dancer loses opportunity some twinged rubber band can win the competition! That explains a who would win meme! We are pretty used to such things in our daily life.

Who Will Win MeMe

Those with talent feel embarrassed! HOW DARE THEY HAVE TALENT?! You should not have it in recent times. All you have to do is pretend that you know a lot. You know like, speak in a few jargon, have an attitude and all!

While the would win meme and who will win meme are all funny, have you seen the who will win boi meme?

The green froggy that has a lit attitude! Well, most people you will meet these days are like that! They have no idea what they are doing in life, they have no sense of what to say but are doing it! It is very much like the frog on the cycle talking absurdly. What use does the frog have on a cycle? But it\’s funny to watch! Like the other people around you.

In addition to all that that thing actually answers to the question asked with a  \”cool bro attitude\”! It reminds me of so many of my colleagues. Brain full of shit and face full of attitude! Can you relate them to anyone else?

We understand that its annoying to hell, having such people around but its fun!

So check out the meme below and have a blast!!!! wooh hooh!


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