Sorry GIF for Lover

If you have forgotten your partner’s birthday, your anniversary, or their dog’s birthday, then as convention dictates, you are in trouble. Either the word ‘SORRY’ or the almighty God can come to your rescue. Let\’s face it, God does not have time for your shenanigans but the word ‘sorry’ might come handy and can be used to do some damage control.

If you are a neighbour, friend or relative of a ‘lover’ or are a lover yourself, who is in deep shit because of his/her doings, use these GIFs to sweetly win back your love.

If you are actually sorry then that’s great; if you are not, well, you better be, because if you fake a sorry, chances are that your partner will get to know within a week’s time, and you will be back again searching for more sorry GIFs for a lover, to send to your partner.

Sorry GIF for Lover

This cycle will go on until you are apologetic from the core of your heart a trillion years later. So, better do it now (at least try to feel it) than do it later, because you are going to do it anyway.

Beyond what is meant and said (or reverse), there is another factor that you should keep in mind, i.e. how to say sorry.

Don’t drop a thousand messages in your lover’s inbox and don’t make hundreds of calls because that would straightaway send your partner into the arms of his/her \’\’best-friend’’ (who incidentally is always of the opposite gender)!!

The next worst idea in line is to show up at your lover’s door with a creepy grin on your face and a bottle of cheap red wine in your hand. Because that is a good way to get your face paralyzed by being hit by the wind after your prince or princess charming bangs the door shut on your face!

Be sweet, be sensible, be gentle, and use one of these sorry gifs with a hearty apology note to get back your lover and mark the beginning of a happily ever after!


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