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Different Types of Popcorn Eaters

Plain popcorns are white as the skin of a racist white man, and light as the skinny girl next door who has taken her diet to another level, and lives solely on air and water now.

Popcorns are also crunchy, so chewing them next to a misophonic man (a person who is super-sensitive to sound) at a movie hall, might earn you a black eye.

In this article, we will analyze the types of popcorn eaters and share hilarious GIFS that you are welcome to share with your friends.

Eating Popcorn GIF
  • The Mr. Share It– This person would buy the largest bag of popcorn at movies, and will keep insisting you to ‘pass it’ to other people. If you know this person, don’t sit next to him in case you want to watch the movie instead of the popcorn bag.
  • The Healthy AF one– You would always have at least one person in the group who is into finding disgusting alternatives to yummy food. This friend would eat raw veggies, seeds, and other bizarre things sitting right next to you. Try not to punch the person for ruining popcorn and try focussing on the movie.
  • The Noisy One– This friend has a habit of chewing popcorn so loudly that aliens from another planet might hear and think it to be some sort of invitation from Earth. This person can single-handedly cause an alien invasion. If he starts doing it, make no delay in taping his mouth ASAP!
  • The MasterChef– Creativity of these people know no bound. They have aced the art of successfully destroying all wholesome food that tastes good. If you go to ‘’Netflix & Chill’’ with this person, you might have to eat popcorn in ice-creams or in drinks! Try not to have nightmares later on!
  • The One Who Never Eats It– While buying popcorn, this friend would say that he would not even take a piece, and urge you to buy a small tub. However, they magically turn into popcorn-piranhas once the movie starts!

We suggest- Don’t sit next to them if you want to smell, eat, feel and make love to your beloved popcorns!


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