Memes on ‘Weed’- The Best or Worst Thing Ever

It is the 21st century; cool weather seems to get hotter due to the greenhouse effect and hot-blooded Homo-sapiens are making all the possible efforts in the world to make themselves cooler.  The saying ‘’smoking is injurious to health, it causes cancer’’ sounds like a piece of unnecessary and additional information to the excellently equipped hardware of your brain. No?



Besides that quote is only for tobacco smokers, and nobody has made the large-scale effort to run a crusade/campaign against slender OCB joints, especially when it is getting legalized. And getting stoned by smoking recreational marijuana, which looks like  pieces of dried-up cow dung, is ‘COOL’ to you and your peers.


Your pseudo-intellectual friends, each of whom is a fit character to be the protagonist of a book named ‘The Bible of the Escapists’ (if ever it is written), have convinced you that, being a misfit and a rebel (without a cause) is in vogue and you must follow it to fit in (what an irony)!


You think you would look as cool and happening as Snoop Dogg or Lady Gaga by your proclamation for the love of weed, very much like them? Well, maybe in your own eyes or in some parallel universe. Your snarky replies like ‘’It’s not weed you stoner’’ or ‘ stay away from things that you don’t understand’ to your well-wishers, have put them off and made them permanently disappointed with you,  to the point that, they might have bought 3D glasses and some popcorns to watch the show, of you going down the gutter along with your future.

Congratulations there. Here are some memes that you might really appreciate…



Granted that cannabis gives you the feeling of rocketing to the moon within a matter of minutes after smoking it, but let’s go for a quick reality check- If you are ugly and broke, your life and face would remain as wretched as it was, that dried-up cow dung like thing changes nothing. Even worse, if you are intellectually challenged, so much so that chicks get repelled by the very thought of you, then my dear mate weed is the last thing that can add moisture to the parched top floor of your human body (try reading a few books instead).


If you are from this earth and are not daunted by the ill-effects of smoking pot, like memory loss, erectile dysfunction, increased heart rate and chances of STDs then, hurray! –you have transcended beyond the realms of human fears and mundane life (you may get abducted by aliens anytime soon). You might be smoking a pot as you read this article, but my dear fellow two-legged creature, think twice, human life is precious and the power to make or break your own life lies in your and your hands alone. Let yourself not be lost in that cloud of smoke that stinks. Take a step each day away from that awful habit and make it count.  We repeat again ‘’ smoking is injurious to health’’ and if it is weed, then it would soon make you forget your very identity and make you a hollow puppet in its hands.



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